Home design with attic (170+ Photos) - Room interior decoration options


The abundance of ceiling beams, sloping vault and windows to the floor give visual space to the attic rooms. Attic rooms in small country houses are used as additional storage space: dressing rooms, storerooms, rooms for seasonal sports equipment.


The style of the attic floor

The design of the room in the attic depends on the tastes of the owners, the total area and materials of the house, affordable budget.

Installation of washing and drying machines, massive steam generators in the attic saves space on the first floor, allows you to choose a more massive and functional equipment.

The owners of spacious houses arrange in the attic of the library, children's rooms, billiard rooms, second living rooms. These rooms are combined with the architectural solution "second light", which combines common rooms on several floors into a single space.

The design of the room in the attic depends on the tastes of the owners

Attic design assumes an emphasis on the structural elements of the building:

  • beams;
  • window openings;
  • overlapping.

For example, the combination of stairs, beams and parquet made of dark wood with classic whitewash and neutral wallpaper creates an “airy” interior in the styles of country, loft, Provence. Bright art-deco, indian, retro styles suggest wall decoration in contrasting colors. At the same time overlaps are masked or made out in neutral colors.

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Attic design outside

The finishing of the last floor of a country house consists of the material and form of the roof, the location of the chimney, the presence of a French balcony or a spacious terrace, and the finishing of window openings. Traditionally for Russian architectural solutions, the attic complements the style of the whole building, the materials are chosen to match the rest of the decoration.

Ceiling beams are often used in this room.

  • Roof. Finishing with a metal tile, soft slate or roofing material creates the appearance of a building in a classic style, combined with facing with natural or artificial stone, facade panels. The owners of houses in the style of constructivism and minimalism prefer flat roofs covered with metal tiles.
  • A chimney completes the image of the house, allowing owners to install a working fireplace or stove for cooking. Usually the pipes are masked behind one of the roof slopes, the owners of houses in the style of a chalet have it in the center of the roof.
  • Window openings. The shape and size of the windows depend on the climate zone, the architectural design and the functions of the attic. For example, small attic storage rooms are equipped with round dormers. The owners of spacious bathrooms and children's rooms in the attic prefer high rectangular or Venetian windows. If the attic is used for relaxing and sharing the time of the owners and guests of the house, panoramic glazing is used.
  • Balconies and terraces. Windows in small attic, located above the garages and utility blocks, are decorated with grills, a small ledge allows you to design a "French balcony" for plants in pots and pallets. Spacious mansards provide terraces, balconies and glazed balconies.

Multifunctional room

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Inside: upper half of the room

The location of the attic room depends on the layout of the building, its functions and total area. For example, lateral attic storage is located above living rooms, kitchens and boilers. This attic includes small windows, full doorways, insulated walls. The style of the interior consists of the design:

  • windows;
  • ceiling;
  • walls;
  • floor.

Lovely children's room

Window openings. Most of the attic are made with dormers - sloping openings in the height of the wall, which are plastered smoothly, complemented by Roman curtains. Gabled overlap eliminates the installation of eaves and curtains, so the window serves as the main source of light. Asymmetrical roofs with high slopes allow you to install windows without tilting. In this case, the installation of eaves, curtains, decoration of bay windows with windows is allowed. Finishing of the ceiling. Depending on the materials of construction, roofing beams can be wooden, concrete, metal. Aesthetic elements of natural wood make up the accent of the interior, such overlaps are painted with stains and varnishes in contrasting shades, the rest of the interior is formed around them. The owners of houses erected from concrete and cinder blocks, according to the monolithic technology, assume the masking of the floor elements. The shade and decor style of the attic is built around these elements.

Bright and cozy bedroom

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Inside: bottom half

The walls and floor in the attic are finished depending on the level of illumination of the room, the chosen style of the interior and the method of finishing the window openings. For example, rounded Venetian windows in wide wooden frames are combined with light-colored plaster, parquet and laminate of darker colors.

Wall decoration. Attic rooms have a high level of natural illumination, therefore, textured walls of contrasting shades, MDF panels and natural wood are used for the walls. Damask wallpaper, murals, imitation brickwork, plaster stucco and carved wooden elements are suitable for decoration of a spacious room. Exactly plastered walls create a minimalist interior of laundries, bathrooms, storerooms, walk-in closets. Finishing of the floor. It is possible to increase sound insulation and insulate the room with the help of natural materials: parquet, laminate, engineering board. This finish in bright colors visually expands the room. The use of cork floors, linoleum, ceramic tiles increases the strength of the coating, is used for business premises.

Multi-storey country houses, built on technology "second light" with the union of several rooms into one space, require a single style of decoration of all rooms. For example, the kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style, located on the first floor and the attic, is decorated with plain-colored wallpaper "for painting" and light parquet. The furnishings and functionality of the attic depend on the number of floors and the total area of ​​the attic room.

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Single-storey houses with attic

Owners of a small suburban housing tend to functionally use all the rooms, so the attic is equipped for storage, guest accommodation, arrange additional bathrooms. The interior of such mansard laconic, wall and floor decoration is designed for intensive use. For example, an attic space can be used for home laundry, a creative workshop, and storage of food supplies. In this case, the floors are covered with linoleum or tile, and the walls are paneled.

For a small suburban housing

The attic room can be used all year round, and care must be taken to install the heating system. Owners of suburban housing in harsh climatic zones prefer to leave the floor unheated.

The owners of modest homes use attic for seasonal living, while not installing a heating system. Apply cold-resistant finishing materials (tiles, panels, plaster). Return to menu ↑

Utility rooms

Laundries, smokehouses, storerooms, carpentry workshops in the attic differ in small windows, an abundance of built-in wardrobes and tables for storage. Finishing such a room involves the installation of additional outlets, arrangement of a small workplace.

Attic room can be used all year round.

Furniture design for utility rooms is most often built-in, cabinets and shelves in the height of the ceiling are used, baskets and containers with tools are placed in open spaces. These attic are made out a separate door, the entrance is masked by the flight of stairs.

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Dressing and storage space for seasonal items

Miniature penthouses and rooms with small slopes of the roof are used to create built-in storage systems for clothes, sports equipment, and Christmas-tree decorations. Finishing the premises involves the installation of LED lamps, modular boxes and shelves-transformers.

Attic-dressing rooms are placed in the center of the second floor, sometimes the owners equip a nursery or bedroom for guests nearby. The interior of this room is made neutral, it is important to find the necessary things, compactness and durability.

In modern style

Modular storage systems with drawers and sliding shelves are located on both sides of the entrance. The central wall is occupied by a large mirror mounted on the facade of the built-in wardrobe. This solution is suitable for large families who have been living in a country house for several generations. Return to the menu

Bathroom or sauna

Warm homes for permanent residence have spacious bathrooms, saunas, hydromassage installations. The room on the top floor is suitable for a guest bath, creating a small zone for relaxation.

The room is trimmed with ceramic tiles, moisture-proof panels or wood treated with non-toxic varnishes. Double-glazed windows, cornices and blackout curtains made of materials with the function of protection from direct sunlight are installed on the windows.

Suitable for guest bath

Floors are finished with an engineering board, laminate or linoleum, resistant to temperature changes. If the attic is given under the sauna, the flooring can be made of refractory bricks, ceramic tiles, epoxy linoleum.

The choice of style in the room depends on the selected materials. For example, soft wood (birch, alder) has a honey shade and, in addition to floral ornaments, creates an interior in retro and Provence styles. Lighter materials and dense wood (oak, maple, acacia) create a room in the English style, you should install a point light sources.

Such a bathroom will appeal to everyone.

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Guest or master bedroom

Placing an area for daily recreation in the attic space allows you to save space on the first floor. This solution is used by the owners of miniature houses with a combined kitchen-living room:

Sleeping place. The bed is traditionally placed opposite the window, in the center of the room. Each of the inhabitants should be comfortable to get to their place. On either side of the bedside tables or dressers, bedside lamps are fixed above the headboard. A place for storage. High ceilings in the attic allow you to build in wardrobes, install rails for storing clothes, place dressers along the walls. Accessories. The decor in the bedroom is recommended to be used moderately and evenly. For example, paintings and curtains in bright colors, a few statuettes will complement the style of the room, not "overloading" it.

Can be used for library

The interior is decorated in bright colors, the lighting is striving to make a point, to divide it into zones. For example, several night lamps, LED lamps and floor lamps allow you to adapt the level of illumination to the time of year, day, tastes of the owners.

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Children's room

Children's attic requires installation of a heating system. Choose large windows for better room illumination. The interior style for children is chosen in light colors, the materials use natural, resistant to pollution. For example, plaster plaster wall finish is convenient for regular repairs, hypoallergenic for kids. The decor of the room consists of a working area, a place for recreation and storage space.

Requires installation of a heating system

  • Work zone. Depending on the age of the baby, the space may be limited to a playpen or a desk with a computer. It is recommended to place this zone near the window, the light should fall on the left side. If a schoolchild lives in a nursery, it is advisable to install a modular transforming table that will adapt to the rapid growth of the child.
  • Place to rest. Depending on the size of the attic, a bed can be a folding sofa, an armchair or a full bed. Dimensions are chosen for growth so that the baby can feel comfortable indoors as they grow up. Such furniture is placed in front of the entrance to the room, additional lighting is installed around.
  • Storage space. The abundance of built-in wardrobes, shelves and baskets will teach the baby to orderly storage of things, make room for rest, play and receive guests. Modular systems installed in the room allow compact placement of toys, clothing, books and equipment of the younger child.

Interior style for children choose in bright colors.

Owners of multi-storey buildings can arrange several rooms in the attic room:

  • library;
  • billiard room;
  • cabinet
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Multi-storey houses with an attic

The layout of such houses is less compact, they are intended for living for several generations of the same family, frequent reception of guests, the location of several functional rooms. Attic in this house is used as a few full rooms.

The peculiarity of the attic interior is the abundance of natural light, which allows using dark furniture, decorating walls with panels of natural wood, and abundance of metal accessories.

The interior is trimmed in contrasting art deco styles, classic French, English, colonial. If the slopes of the roof form high ceilings, it looks appropriate Empire, the palace interior, eclecticism. The rules for arranging furniture and lighting depend on the purpose of the room.

Feature of the interior - the abundance of natural light

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Living room (only in the house or second)

The ground floor of suburban buildings traditionally occupy utility rooms and a kitchen-living room, designed to receive guests. The second floor consists of several bedrooms and bathrooms, so the attic is used as an additional room for the rest of family members.

The owners of houses on several floors with a compact layout create a recreation room or a living room the entire width of the attic room. This saves ground floor space, the room is isolated from common economic zones. The interior of the room is built around the main pieces of furniture.


  • Places for rest. Sofas, chairs, couches and poufs are recommended to be placed in the center of the living room, around to install additional lighting items (floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces). Upholstery made of light artificial or natural leather will extend the life of the furniture, combined with most styles. The choice of bright contrasting shades requires finishing the walls in a light, monophonic scale.
  • Storage space. Tables and dressers in the living room are located next to the sofas so that guests can use them comfortably. Buffets, cabinets and showcases are installed along the walls in order to visually expand the space.
  • The decor. Depending on the style of the interior, the center of the living room in the attic can be an original chandelier, a fireplace (operating or installation), a coffee table, a bar.

Niche is ideal for reading an interesting book.

Residents of suburban buildings in the three and four floors are often arranged in the attic room more narrow purpose.

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Billiard room

Recreation room with a massive table covered with green cloth, suitable for a country house in classic, English or retro styles. Such mansards are finished with oak panels, windows are decorated with thick curtains, lighting is limited with small lamps with fabric shades. Textured plaster, stucco molding, wallpaper made of dense natural or artificial fabrics complements the upper part of the walls and the ceiling.

  • The size of the billiard table is determined by the area of ​​the room, most often the piece of furniture is placed in the center, and the remaining zones - along the walls. A chandelier is installed above the table.
  • Recreation area in the billiard room includes a number of chairs, tables, sometimes the room is decorated with a fireplace or bar. Upholstered furniture placed next to the windows in the corners of the room.
  • Billiard room zoning is performed with the help of screens, bookshelves, lamps on long suspensions, placing furniture in groups. For example, several sofas are placed around a coffee table.

The size of the billiard table is determined by the area of ​​the room

Furniture is chosen from a natural tree, accessories - from metal of warm shades (bronze, brass). The traditional view of the billiard room is an English-style room, complemented by massive decor, textured materials, and natural wood.A common option is to combine a billiard room with a room for video games, while a large TV is installed in the room.

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A more versatile room for recreation, combined with training - a library in the attic. The high ceiling and sloped windows allow you to arrange a traditional gloomy room with racks from floor to ceiling. A more modern version of the library in the Scandinavian style includes white plaster, light wood furniture, textiles in contrasting shades.

For book lovers

  • Bookshelves. The central element of the library is recommended to be placed along the walls, the width of the shelves should allow to hold two volumes in a row. The glazed version makes cleaning easier and looks more respectable. The center of the room is suitable for installing low tables and bedside tables in which magazines and newspapers are placed.
  • Place to read. A desk and a chair for reading are placed opposite the window, and several such zones are installed in large houses. It is recommended to use lightweight modular structures that move easily throughout the room.
  • Rest zone. Free space of the library is used to install upholstered furniture, floor lamps, volume chandeliers and lamps. Massive vases, figurines, candelabra, room fountains look appropriate in rooms decorated in retro, Empire, American classics.

Modern version of the library

Homeowners equip a library for the professional needs of a family member, transform it into an office or a common living room.

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The workplace in the territory of a country house is necessary with a free schedule, remote work, irregular conditions. The location of the office in the attic allows you to retire, work under natural light most of the day, it is comfortable to store massive equipment near the workplace. The decor of the premises is based on the basic principles:

1Convenience. The choice of furniture, equipment, the amount of lighting reflects the characteristics of the owner. For example, architects and seamstresses require massive tables with spacious countertops to accommodate drawings, fabrics, and materials. Engravers work with abundant local lighting.

Workplace in the country house

2Mobility. Items in the office should be easy to move. For example, tables on wheels, light shelves, collapsible dressers and wardrobes with pull-out baskets make it easy to store equipment and materials.3Neutrality. The situation in the office should not distract from work tasks, so it is recommended to moderately use bright decor, contrasting wallpapers and dark colors. The material of the curtains is better to choose a light, freely transmitting light. The office is spent most of the day, so the furniture should be comfortable for long-term use, finishing materials should choose natural, non-toxic substances. Go back to the menu

Sports Hall

Miniature attic with a small number of windows are suitable for creating a gym. The interior depends on the direction of employment:

Suitable for creating a gym

  • Hall for strength training. Such a room is provided with an additional ventilation system, bright lighting is installed, walls are decorated with posters, trimmed with textured wallpaper, complemented by televisions and a stereo system.
  • Relaxation area. The interior is recommended to use green, blue shades, focus on natural colors and natural materials. Room for yoga, pilates or meditation complement the large windows, curtains of neutral shades.
  • Cardio zone. The interior of such mansards includes space for rest, sometimes a refrigerator for ice and fresh fruit is installed. Occupations on cardiovascular machines are long, you need a comfortable environment.

The gym in the attic involves storing inventory, classes at different times of the day. It is necessary to provide a comfortable temperature, it is recommended to provide the room with climate control and additional sound insulation.

The interior depends on the direction of employment

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Advantages of mansard premises

Most owners of multi-storey buildings and single-storey buildings with an attic tend to use the room as a full-fledged room. Interior attic space depends on the interior throughout the house. Most often, the finish is done in neutral colors, using natural materials:

  • Save space on the first floor. Regardless of the destination, a room under the roof is located in a private area of ​​the house, has a relatively large footage and allows you to place seasonal things, to equip guests. The ground floor areas are vacated for recreation areas, additional bedrooms, installation of more massive and comfortable furniture. For example, moving the storage area to the attic makes room on the ground floor for a garage.
  • Isolation of the room. Depending on the chosen layout, the entrance to the attic can be located imperceptibly, without attracting the attention of guests. If the attic is used as a study, its location allows you to focus on work tasks. Sometimes the attic is supplied with a separate entrance along the external staircase, creating a completely separate zone in the common house.

  • An abundance of natural light. Large windows, angled to the rest of the walls, make it possible to do without additional lamps and chandeliers, to design the interior in dark shades. For example, billiard rooms and libraries in the attic are decorated with dark panels of natural wood, betraying them with a rich flavor.

Despite a number of advantages, the attic is not suitable for every country house, it requires additional costs.

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The owners of houses for seasonal living and the inhabitants of spacious buildings irregularly use the premises under the roof, some prefer to turn them into an unheated storeroom.

  • Relatively high heating costs. Depending on the materials of the house, the area of ​​the attic and the climate zone, the cost of heating it can be very significant. For example, a room with panoramic windows in central Russia needs to install additional heaters. If the attic is used as a bedroom or children's room, the costs will be regular.
  • The need to install and assemble furniture to order. Most houses are constructed with a large slope of the roof slopes, so the cabinets and shelves have an unusual configuration. Delivery and installation of furniture on the top floor requires additional costs, the furniture is better to choose a team.

  • Spending the installation of heat-resistant and environmentally friendly finishing materials. The roof of the house is experiencing regular temperature drops, so the finish of the attic should be completely environmentally friendly. Natural materials are relatively expensive, require careful selection and maintenance.

The interior of the attic depends on the purpose of the room, most often light plaster is used, colorless stain for wooden beams. If the house is built of blocks, the slopes of the roof are masked with the help of wooden and plasterboard panels. The abundance of natural lighting allows you to use dark shades, massive decor and a minimum of additional lighting.