Art Deco interior: 195+ (Photo) design in the living room, kitchen, bedroom. Furniture that will change your life


Art Deco - style design prestigious interiors, having a rich history. It can really bring a new trend in the interior to your home. Find out how this can be done and with what. What are the main accessories and what is better to emphasize in the design?


Formed in the early twentieth century, Art Deco style has incorporated all the characteristics of that time. The First World War left its mark on the economical approach to the design of houses and the modest lifestyle of the aristocracy. After the times of forced asceticism, there was a transition to emphasized luxury and sophistication.

The elegance of the forms and lines of Art Deco is experiencing a new round of popularity today. Exclusivity and richness of decoration is in a harmonious combination, giving the atmosphere of the house a thoughtful elegance and emphasizing the good taste of the owners.

Art Deco - the design style of prestigious interiors

The history of the birth of Art Deco

At the beginning of the last century, at the stage of its development, Art Deco was based on the main features of the historical era: scientific discoveries, travels, traditions of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. All this was reflected in the design of clothes, lifestyle and interior design.

Since the end of the twentieth century, the style has undergone some changes, but remained faithful to the traditions. It again became one of the most popular areas of interior design, especially among artists. High-quality finishing materials and modern appliances at the new stage of development have become its important part.

The term "Art Deco" came into use after the exhibition of contemporary art in Paris in 1925, which became a real breakthrough.

Art Deco was based on the basic features of the historical era

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The main features of the style

The originals of works of art here can be combined with the work of modern artists and sculptors, and expensive finishes can be replaced with high-quality imitations. Currently, the interpretation of the style is diverse and diverse, it often departs from established canons. One of them is a deviation from the principle of the play of light with the penetration of the sun’s rays through the texture of materials.

The harmony of Art Deco is underlined by every stroke and element of decoration, and full compliance with the style.

In the interior of the dining room

The main features of Art Deco, which should not be neglected, are:

  • the presence of mirrors in beautiful frames and mirrored luxury tiles;
  • lighting devices should be made using crystals that reflect the play of light;
  • fittings - gold or chrome;
  • accessories and decor that plays and transforms in the light;
  • the presence of glossy surfaces;
  • geometric patterns;
  • application in the design of noble materials - quality and rare;
  • contrasting color range;
  • a wealth of design;
  • neat fabrics;
  • antiquities in the interior;
  • sun glare game.

Differs in the presence of glossy surfaces.

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Colors and patterns

Art Deco - the style is bright and bold, often combining at first glance incompatible shades. For example, light green and red or black with yellow. The classic combination is still black-gray-white and brown gamma.

The texture and expressiveness of the surfaces gives a discreet and effective print. Among the most popular in Art Deco drawings include:

  • floristic drawings on textiles;
  • geometric shapes with a certain rhythm of alternation;
  • narrow and wide bands;
  • drawings under the skin of a tiger, leopard, zebra, etc.

The harmony of Art Deco is underlined by every stroke and design element.

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The admirable interior of Art Deco combines gloss and glitter. Shiny surfaces can be on the ceiling, walls and even on the floor.

The design focuses on high quality natural materials:

  • metal with chrome or gold plated surface;
  • genuine leather in finishing (including snake, crocodile, etc.);
  • semiprecious stones in inlays;
  • crystals;
  • crystal;
  • valuable wood;
  • horns and bones of animals, etc.

Accessories and decor that plays and transforms in the light

Exclusive, made in a single copy, design items, can be a highlight of the luxurious interior. Return to the menu


An option for most Art Deco rooms will be the design of a marbled floor or tile with imitation, as well as parquet. Another interesting and very fashionable option - self-leveling floor. This modern design method makes it possible to make the coating monochrome or containing a geometric pattern in the style of Art Deco.

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Ceilings in Art Deco rooms are often chosen stretch, multi-level with a shiny, reflective surface. High-quality PVC film for such a ceiling allows you to implement the most daring ideas.

Marble flooring

Additionally, patina and stucco can be used. The advantage is given to glossy surfaces. High-quality lighting will add depth and texture to such a ceiling.

For a bedroom or living room, you can choose a glossy stretch ceiling, complemented by a crystal chandelier with pendants. In the hallway and the kitchen can be set spot lighting, lighting and built-in lighting.BoardArtistic elements on the ceiling can be located on different levels of the ceiling. Return to the menu


Room saturation with pieces of furniture and decor requires dim walls, which will only be the background for exclusive items. In this regard, monochromatic design is often chosen, less often - a low-key print.

Artistic elements on the ceiling

To decorate the walls of Art Deco style is used:

  • matt paint that does not attract attention;
  • stucco with pronounced texture;
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • ceramic tiles and natural stone, especially in demand in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
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Furniture for the interior of Art Deco is selected mainly from natural wood. Its convenience and seeming simplicity are compensated by the excellent work of the masters, unusual elements, patisation and inlay.

All furniture should look expensive, noble and respectable. Therefore, if it is impossible to use natural leather for upholstery, you can use a very high-quality fabric, but not artificial.

The richness of design

In addition to wood, the design actively uses chrome metal, marble and glass. These can be separate pieces of furniture or components of single ensembles. For example, shelves, tables with a glass top, etc.

For cabinet furniture, the use of polished and varnished surfaces, beautiful facades and a raid of historicity on objects is typical. Decent design will allow such an environment to serve for a long time, while remaining fashionable and relevant.

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Curtains in the design

Window decoration should combine simplicity and luxury characteristic of the style itself. It will look good heavy fabrics, allowing you to create soft draperies.

Depending on the focus of Art Deco style, aimed at modern interpretation or more historical, curtains may look different. To maintain the tradition of style using heavy or multi-layered canvas. Modern interior can be more light and relaxed, using thin curtains and translucent fabrics.

Furniture is selected mainly from natural wood.

Textiles for Art Deco must be spectacular. Curtains - with draped folds and beautiful draperies. In the bedroom can be arranged canopy over the bed, if the height of the ceilings is significant.

For a harmonious combination of all the elements in the interior design textiles play a leading role. Window curtains should be combined with the color and texture of upholstery, decorative pillows, tablecloths and bedspreads.

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The showiness of the room is emphasized by color. Art Deco favorably applies to both contrasting combinations and similar shades in color. The combination of beige with gold, or beige with red will look equally beautiful. Additionally consistent with the style of the elements of crystal and mirrors.

Textiles must be spectacular.

The furniture should be not just wooden, but made of valuable species - ebony, oak or their good imitations. Expensive beautiful fabrics serve as a spectacular frame:

  • brocade;
  • chiffon and others with a distinctive sheen.
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Color spectrum

The Art Deco bedroom can have any one primary color, which is complemented by companion shades.

As the main tone is often taken one of these shades:

  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • light blue;
  • gentle mint.

The showiness of the room is underlined by color

Panels and wallpapers used in the design, can have a transition of tones and semitones, imitating the game of sunlight. That the design did not look uninteresting, it is possible to revive it interspersed with bright accents.

Recently relevant are black and ultramarine. But it will be no less interesting to look lime, lemon or orange. As accents and underscore the quality of design, designers use patting for silver, bronze or gold of furniture and stucco.

Curtains - with draped folds and beautiful draperies

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Spectacular design

The original design of the bedroom allows you to use a large number of mirrors, a sufficient number of lighting devices, the use of contrasts. In addition, the decoration is permissible use:

  • semi-precious stones;
  • animal horns;
  • hides.

Art should be traced in the main design elements: a spectacular headboard, paintings, statues. The sensuality of the setting adds streamlined shape of objects, the use of animal skins.

Allocation of a berth can be obtained by using headboard inlays, using stained glass windows and multi-colored glass in the form of a mosaic. When choosing on which surface, matte or glossy, to stop the choice, it is better to give preference to the latter. If the height of the ceilings allows, its design is made in the bedroom multi-level, stepped, characteristic of the style.

Art should be traced in the main design elements.

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Living room

In the design of the living room is often used a large amount of materials. Wooden furniture may have leather upholstery. The interior contains objects of glass and metal. Their shape may be rounded or have sharp corners.

For the living room is traditionally chosen dark colors. Or with the presence of a beige shade, which will emphasize the stylish interior.

The luxury characteristic of Art Deco is reflected in the furniture of expensive varieties of wood, exclusive models, in manual processing. The accessories and décor with a glossy glossy surface goes well with luxury items in the form of statues, floor vases, and screens.

Wooden furniture may have leather upholstery.

BoardThe stylish living room is distinguished by the presence of objects of various forms that must be combined with each other, not disturbing the overall elegance of the interior. The distinctiveness of the furniture and the flashy accessories look especially good against the background of plain walls. Monochromatic or having a discreet print of the wall is desirable to make more light than the furniture and the basis of shade design. Textiles in the form of upholstery and upholstered furniture used for window openings should be combined in color.

Dark colors are traditionally chosen for the living room.

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Making an apartment in the same Art Deco style, do not forget about the kitchen and bathroom. The same interior orientation of the interior emphasizes good taste and complements the overall picture. The design of the kitchen is selected in the same accordance with the style as in the rest of the premises.

The furniture in the Art Deco kitchen should be spectacular and quite expensive. The color scheme is restrained, but with the presence of glossy and chrome-plated surfaces.

A large room is furnished in a big way. The central place may take a dining table with chairs.

Colors - restrained

The selection of levels and degree of design for the room kitchen is fully suited. The ceiling can be stretched or decorated using plasterboard or other structures, but necessarily having at least two levels.

BoardIf this option is not possible to realize in the room, photo wallpapers with the same decorative effect are used.

Art Deco does not strictly limit the choice of colors for the design of the kitchen. But most often designers use chocolate beige, white and black or silver range of colors.

For a large room with a dedicated dining area, in many cases, two-color striped wallpaper is chosen, and for a kitchen apron - two-color tiles or contrasting mosaic. The same pattern can be repeated in textiles - curtains, upholstery. Effectively the interior can add a well-positioned mirror.

Style in the interior of the kitchen

Marble or its imitation or graphic patterned covering is suitable for floor decoration. It can be tile or linoleum.

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The discreet luxury of Art Deco looks interesting in large bathrooms. As far as possible, chrome elements, glass, marble and glossy surfaces are used here. The advantage is given to light shades, especially in the design of the ceiling.

If the walls and floor require the presence of dark tones, then the surface must be shiny. The patterns that are present in the design should emphasize, but not make the perception of the room more difficult.

The use of ornaments and patterns of curls is possible directly on the mirror surfaces.

In the interior of the bathroom

The choice of plumbing is desirable to do in favor of models of white color, with smooth rounded lines. Mixers and other equipment is selected with chrome surfaces.

Open shelves in the bathroom can be of the following materials:

  • metal;
  • glass;
  • marble.

Discreet luxury

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Hall in style

The impression of the house begins to take shape from the hallway. In its design it is desirable to build on the style and color of the rest of the rooms, which together should look like a single ensemble.

Depending on the size of the hallway, furniture and accessories are selected. For a small space it is not advisable to use bulky things that will crush their massiveness.

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Basic shades

Art Deco in the hallway should be supported by the main color, complemented by others. As the main, you can choose:

  • steel gray;
  • a touch of champagne;
  • vanilla.

The impression of the house begins to take shape from the hallway

Dark tones bring nobility to the interior. To compensate for the lack of space will help large mirrors, bright floor, good artificial lighting.

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The use of eclectic elements and ethnic, for example, African, Indian, Egyptian elements is possible in the Art Deco decor. The underlined luxury is complemented by pictures in solid frames, with the image of ornaments, sketches with wild animals, landscapes.

Additional decor are exclusive antique items. It can be expensive vases, antique watches and other objects of emphasized luxury. The mirror in the rich design - one of the main items of decoration.

Start from the style and color of the other rooms.

The umbrella stand of an interesting design can become a functional and very decorative element of the design. If space allows, you can also put a spectacular large floor vase. Additional coziness will help create a curtain with soft draperies, decorative pillows on the sofa or chair.

BoardWhen making a hallway, especially a small one, it is important not to overdo it with an abundance of decor. Return to the menu


Too bright hall Art Deco will look unnatural. To focus attention, you can choose one of the walls or any piece of furniture. It may be:

  • stool;
  • poof;
  • mirror in a rich frame;
  • beautiful shelf, etc.

It is important not to overdo it with an abundance of decor

One of the right decisions in the selection of furniture can be a wardrobe, installed in a niche.Its front planes can be mirrored, with a printed pattern or repeating the texture of the walls. Depending on the availability of free space in the hallway, you can arrange not a pouf or a stool, but a full-fledged chair or an elegant chair.

If the built-in wardrobe is not provided, you can put the original Art-Deco floor hanger. The more unusual and extraordinary the design will be chosen - the better will look the interior of the hallway as a whole.

Doors better pick wood. You can choose options with stained glass inserts that look elegant, sophisticated.

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Wall, floor, ceiling decoration

The flooring can be made of marble imitation tile. Or consider the possibility of a monochrome option. If you choose a matte surface, it is desirable to add a carpet with an animal print.

The ceiling, as in the rest of the rooms, it is better to organize a multi-level, with a glossy or satin surface. Such a design can be supplemented with stucco elements, sockets, borders. Underline the style is achieved by gilding, Venetian plaster, spectacular wallpaper. Return to the menu


Since hallways very rarely have windows, the issue of lighting in Art Deco style comes to the fore. The style allows the use of a large number of lamps, including built-in.

In addition to modern lighting options, you can use:

  • sconce;
  • floor lamps;
  • Stylish table lamps on the dresser in the hallway.

When choosing, priority should be given to models with crystal pendants, creating a beautiful play of light, or shades of luxurious fabrics. Additional lighting will give the backlight of the shelves, the perimeter of the mirror, paintings, ceiling.