Care for indoor plants at home (175+ Photos). Choosing fertilizer and fertilizing


Houseplants at home help to achieve harmony. They place important accents and put together combinations of forms. Learn which plants to buy, what types there are, and where to place them. All the secrets of care are more detailed later in the article.


  • Plants in the house. TOP 7 expert tips
  • Choosing plants for the house. Basic principles
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  • Plants in the house. TOP 7 expert tips

    Creating a home comfort is important not to disturb his melody. Living plants help the interior to "sound" more vividly and aesthetically. My tips will help you turn an ordinary apartment into a real fairy tale.

    Turn an ordinary apartment into a real fairy tale.

    1Do not overload the space. Observe the parameters of plants and the dimensions of the room. Stop focusing on the expressive shapes and color of the leaves. 2Do not hide the beauty behind the curtains. Arrange the plants in plain sight, on racks and shelves, in hanging pots or on the floor.

    Let your plants see all around 

    3Consider compatibility. Remember that tropical and exotic plants can not make a harmonious ensemble with flowers from the last century.

    Plants must be in harmony with each other

    4Focus on greens. Capacities for growing plants should not be bright and variegated. Choose neutral or monochromatic dishes. It is combined with any style of interior.

    Choose neutral pots for flowers

    5Zone the room. Try to plan ecological zones using a wall of green loaches, ivy, ferns, or tall plants in pots.

    Create a green corner in your home

    6Look for hidden reserves. Warm up the balcony and arrange on it a miniature winter garden. Use for growing indoor flowers free walls, stairs and the most secluded corners.

    Miniature winter garden on the balcony

    7Strengthen the impression. If possible, place floral arrangements in front of mirrors. Beat them with a soft backlight.

    Potted plants in front of mirrors

    Grow as simple as possible plants. A person does not have much time to take care of flowers, it is better to choose "patient" cultures. Succulents and other inhabitants of the tropics, even with little care, look good. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Choosing plants for the house. Basic principles

    Flowers arrived to our houses from the wild nature have a different character and require a certain arrangement and combination.

    The combination of indoor plants in the interior

    Today I want to share my own experience and important principles for choosing "green friends".

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    Plants in the interior of the kitchen

    The kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house, this is the place where a woman spends a lot of time, where the whole family gathers at the table. "Green Pets" will help to create an atmosphere of comfort in it and improve the appetite. When choosing kitchen vegetation, I would recommend that you consider the following aspects:

    • Stop picking on unpretentious, thermophilic and drought-resistant plants.
    • Grow edible and fragrant herbs, parsley, dill in the kitchen, as well as pepper, lemon or coffee tree.
    • As a flower pot fit any improvisation from cans to tureen in the style of "decoupage".
    • Place the flowers away from the stove, it will be too hot there and from the sink, from there soap drops and food debris can reach;
    • Grow flowers not only on the windowsill, but also in hanging pots, on wall shelves or on the refrigerator.

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    Plants in the kitchen are able to decorate any, even the most boring interior.

    For landscaping my own kitchen space, I successfully use a composition of decoratively deciduous and flowering houseplants:

    1 wax or plain ivy;

    Greening the kitchen space with climbing plants

    2 deforestation;

    Tradescantia quite unpretentious in care

    3kalanhoe and aloe;

    Kalanchoe blooms for a long time

    4senpolia (in common violet);

    Beauty violet for comfort


    Geranium scares flies and mosquitoes

    6 asparagus;

    Asparagus is suitable for loft style kitchen

    7schuchy tail;

    The plant comes from childhood. "Teschin language" was very popular in the USSR


    Easily and quickly reproduces with the help of "kids"

    9 cile and other members of the nettle family;

    Bright spots for the kitchen

    10Coldssian (money tree);

    Crassula, brute or money tree

    11 room bowling;

    Plant with edible fruits

    12 fuchsia.

    Fuchsia will take root in the apartment or on the street in the house

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    Home plants for the living room

    The living room or hall is a place to receive guests and a room for a family holiday. Plants make it more noble, enliven the interior.

    Plants in the living room for a more comfortable family holiday

    When choosing colors for the living room, I push off from square meters. For large areas, I suggest you boldly start growing large outdoor plants in pots.

    1 monster; 2 zamiculcas;

    Large outdoor plants in tubs

    3 high-grade varieties of dracaeni; 4 all types of indoor palms, including date.

    A huge palm tree in the interior of the living room

    You do not have large square meters? Do not despair. I am sure that with the help of selected plants, even in a small apartment, you can create a unique oasis. In this case, I recommend you:

    1 all varieties of ficus; 2 stunted draceni; 3 anthurium;

    Noble Anthurium pleases for a long time pleases with its bloom

    4spatiphyllium; 5kalteya; 6kliviya;

    Stylish composition with spathiphyllium

    7gibiskus; 8nefrolepis. Growing flowers in crumbs on window sills in the living room is the last century and a sign of bad taste. Place them vertically on the walls, in the corner of the room, on beautiful stands or in high floor planters. Return to menu

    Plants in the bedroom interior

    The bedroom is known to be a particularly intimate room. It is intended for sleep and rest. That is why the living plants located in it must fit everything. It cannot be overloaded with vegetation and turned into a greenhouse.

    Plants in the bedroom interior

    In the bedroom, it is permissible to arrange three or four, not very large, decoratively deciduous or moderately flowering cultures in beautiful flowerpots or in flowerpots. One or two plants will be appropriate to put on a cabinet or table, or hang from the ceiling.

    Place plants in every corner of the bedroom.

    Plants in the bedroom should continue its image, saturate the room with oxygen, an atmosphere of relaxation and not be too defiant. I suggest you, when choosing plants for the bedroom, beat it with the help of variegated ficuses, gentle spathiphyllums or beautifully blooming begonias and gardenias.

    Gentle spathiphyllum in a bedroom atmosphere

    Flowers with a pronounced aroma, for example, indoor jasmine, as well as plants that actively absorb oxygen or have negative energy, are not suitable for a bedroom. Return to menu


    Fashion trend - to have live plants in the bathroom. The absence of windows should not be a hindrance to this undertaking. Thinking of arranging a green corner in the bathroom, but do not know where to start? I advise you to choose srednerosly vegetation not demanding to light and resistant to humid and warm atmosphere. To help you:

    • ferns;
    • ficus;
    • cyclamen;
    • Decembrist;
    • hovey;
    • violets;
    • spathiphyllium;
    • Dieffenbachia;
    • climbing species (ivy, philodendron, epipremnum).

    Spathiphyllum, dieffenbachia, ivy and other plants in the bathroom

    If necessary, the colors in the bathroom, you can create artificial lighting, or occasionally bring them to the sunny windowsill.

    If you consider yourself a supporter of extraordinary solutions, then I recommend to start growing natural moss. Moss is a beautiful and ecological clean alternative to tile. He beautifully decorates the wall and feels great in a wet environment.

    Moss is an environmentally friendly alternative to tile

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    The combination of styles and vegetation

    The interior depends on the nature of the person. Currently there are a lot of trendy apartment design trends. In each of which must be present home plants. I will try to help you understand this issue.

    ClassicalIt is based on the symmetry of the forms. Living plants in such an interior must be large-flowered and luxuriant. They are located in the center and perimeter of the room. To create the look of classicism are suitable: palm varieties, rubber plants, spathiphyllium, hibiscus, oleander, cyclamen, begonias, gardenias and camellias.

    Houseplants in a classic interior

    ModernIts peculiarity lies in the smoothness and roundness of its outlines. Curly ivy and tradescantia, as well as hoya, cissus, philodendrons and orchid, will perfectly fit into modernity.

    Indoor plants in modern style

    ProvenceThe motto of this style is the maximum vegetation. He is suitable simple "village" plants and exquisite exotic. Organically in the style of Provence look compositions from Saintpaulia and pelargonium, terry geraniums, violets, homemade roses, begonias and hoyas. Leave space for Sansevieria, Ivy, Ficus and Philodendron. The image will be finished with bulb-grown ranunculus or eustoma.

    Maximum vegetation for Provence style room

    MinimalismThe name itself says that everything should be small. However, in it there was a place for vegetation. An option for this style is dracaena and sander. In addition, minimalism goes well with diphenbachia, crotons, Zamiokulkas. Anthurium and spathiphyllium or ficus will make a good company.

    Accents on plants for a minimalist room

    LoftThe favorite style of modernity. It combines simplicity and space. Flowers and plants seasoned in this style should not be fanciful and pompous. It can be cascades of greenery, falling from the ceiling to the floor, single large plants in pots and fruit-bearing home-grown trees.

    Large plants in tubs for an apartment in the loft style

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    Original use cases

    Fashion is dictated by new trends and trends, including the cultivation of indoor plants. I want to draw your attention to Three options for the use of vegetation in interior design are vertical gardening, home rock garden and florarium.

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    Vertical gardening

    Unfortunately, the parameters of many apartments do not allow growing a large number of plants. Smartly plant the room, you can absolutely not occupying a lot of space in it. The composition of decoratively leafy and flowering plants on the wall can be compared with a lively picture..

    "Live picture" on your wall

    It is customary to arrange vertical floral compositions in the corners and piers, as well as to dedicate free walls to them. The “Green Panel” can decorate any apartment, even a small one-room apartment.

    Phytowall in studio studio

    For his appearance at home, I can recommend the following plants:

    • Ornamental varieties of red aglyonema;
    • low-growing varieties of spathiphyllium,
    • variegated and green leafy fats;
    • varieties of medium and dwarf ferns;
    • all varieties of chlorophytum;
    • Sansevera low;
    • hoya;
    • Calathea;
    • Coleus (decorative speck);
    • ampelous plants.

    An interesting solution for any apartment

    The method of vertical gardening - not a cheap pleasure. In addition to financial investments, it requires regular, competent and painstaking care. I recommend to use it only for experienced flower growers. return to menu ↑


    Fans of aesthetics, exotic and minimalism can advise growing plants in the florarium. Occupation is fashionable and very exciting. A lot of investment and time for this is not required, but visually looks beautiful.

    Aesthetics and minimalism in one bowl

    Florarium called a mini-garden behind the glass. The basis of its cultivation can take an ordinary aquarium or other glass container. With its help it is not difficult to refuse cultivation of exotic flowers in ordinary pots.

    Mini-garden behind the glass

    Group compositions from slow-growing plants are planted in a miniature flower garden. Among the most popular:

    • ferns (polynokarnik, asplenium and pteris);
    • sphagnum moss;
    • ivy;
    • small succulents;
    • cacti;
    • orchid;
    • cyclamen;
    • Saintpaulia.

    Slow growing miniature indoor plants

    Creating a florarium requires the right combination of plants, keeping the general habitat and growing conditions. Return to the menu

    Home rock garden

    Not everyone can be the owner of a greenhouse or a winter garden, but one wants to create a piece of wildlife and get in touch with the beautiful. If you like this idea, then I advise you to prepare a place for home rock garden.

    Homemade flowers framed in natural stone, with a melodious sound of water and decorative lighting are what you need. Rock garden will be a real highlight of the interior and your pride.

    The highlight of the interior in your home

    The advantage of it is that the design can be adjusted by replacing or rearranging plants. Clear guidelines for the settlement of home rock garden does not exist. The main thing is to observe its geometric forms and follow the principle from small to large.

    Geometric lines when planting plants

    I propose here to show maximum imagination and improvise with tropical, exotic and most ordinary, decoratively deciduous and flowering representatives of the flora (the only exceptions are cacti). A canary cage or an aquarium will help to revive the paradise.

    Home rock garden - the structure is complex and monumental. It will require serious work and financial investments. However, the fantastic result of creation justifies all the work and expenses.

    Great work in the creation of a masterpiece

    Houseplants give us positive emotions and help to establish the inner harmony of the soul. Talking about home plants in the interior can be as infinite as they are amazing and beautiful.

    Top 5 best fertilizers for indoor plants


    Available in liquid form and has a wide assortment of tools intended for different types of indoor plants.

    2 "Meister Agro"

    In the form of granules has several types, including the universal, suitable for most types of indoor plants

    3 "Florist Micro"

    The universal kind of top dressing, which contains the entire set of necessary chemical elements, can be used for any indoor plants.

    4 "Tsitovit"

    It is a complex microfertilizer in organic form, which contains virtually all necessary for the development and growth of substances

    5 "E-Alpha" back to menu

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