Interior design of the house (cottage). (225 PHOTOS) TOP-16 modern styles


Planning a renovation or construction of a cottage? Let's look at how to choose a stylistic direction, what to take into account, how to combine the interior design and the exterior of the house? Everything is more detailed later in the article.


What determines the choice of design

The very concept of design involves the organization of living space. Your space. Sounds somewhat academic. Translate into a common language. Every family member in the house should be comfortable, comfortable. It is necessary to take into account not only the ultra fashionable trends and trends, but also your own preferences.

Modern design cottage. Stylish furniture perfectly with the interior.

People who have lived their whole lives surrounded by monochrome walls, it is difficult to be in rooms with acidic paints. At the same time, lovers of dynamic life will become bored in Japanese minimalism, and residents of middle regions do not always understand Eastern and Indian pomp.

The interior design of the cottage in a modern style

Below, I will tell you what questions you need to ask yourself and the designer. Due to this, it is not necessary to redo the repair in a year, but to feel peace or drive, to live surrounded by luxury or patriarchal silence. In any case, this will be the place for your life.

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Let's talk about styles

In order not to turn housing into a branch of a museum, a factory box or a village hut, it is important to adhere to a sense of proportion. An interesting feature of the trends of recent years is the use of style not only in its pure form, but also the use of style forming elements. This allows you to create a variety of decoration and not overload the interior of small rooms.

Inherit one line in design

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Historical architectural styles require large areas and high ceilings. If the volumes of the house allow you can choose:

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Palace Empire

This style is chosen by respectable people with imperial aspirations. It is characterized by solemn elegance and clarity of composition. Furniture legs in the form of lion paws, gilded traction framing architectural mirrors, artful carving. A mandatory piece of furniture is a fireplace with a magnificent portal, high mirrors.

Architectural mirrors of palace style

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Strict Victorian Style

Stresses the consistency of the owners. It will be indispensable for lovers of English conservatism. Wooden panels, high shelves for books, luxurious curtains with lambrequins emphasize impeccable elegance.

Victorian Conservatism

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Chic Baroque

Considered a destination for those who prefer palace excesses. Carved decorative elements of furniture, expensive upholstery materials, details covered with gold and silver, chandeliers with a large number of crystal pendants emphasize luxury, create a feeling of idle rest and bliss.

Luxury Baroque Bedroom

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Easy baroque

It gives the interior lightness and elegance with small decorative details, curls. Often this style is called feminine boudoir. In the interior, a large amount of gilded sculpture is used, but it is more subtle than in the neoclassical style or baroque. Chinese elements are used for decoration: screens, textiles, mother-of-pearl pretentious caskets, paper wallpapers with Chinese themes.

Feminine Rococo with sculpting elements

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Mysterious antique

Woven from the spirit of ancient Greece. Clear canons of architectural forms fit perfectly into modern interiors. The house should have a large room or it is necessary to combine several rooms to create a stylized open atrium - a spacious rectangular room.

Stylized antiquity in the interior

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Ethnic interiors are chosen by people who love to travel, prefer to get used to the world of new countries. Thanks to the decorative elements: stylized chandeliers, tables, nightstands, vases, natural hides, dishes it is easy to create the right mood.

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No wonder put at the forefront. Modern trend of design - ecological purity. Therefore, there is a return to the historical roots: chopped walls, wooden furniture, fireplaces, Russian stoves. Required attributes: natural tracks, cotton and linen curtains.

Wooden furniture with walkways - the Russian spirit

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Gives luxury, fabulous mystery. Wind travels and adventures envelops the room. Ethnic mosaic, mysterious symbolism, rich upholstery of upholstered furniture, bedspreads, a large number of decorative pillows, fancy lamps, luxurious fringe - the main elements of the style. Ceilings with a complex painting, a lot of ornamental elements.

East style

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To choose this style, you must feel the ethnic exotic. Otherwise, objects and elements alien to our life will become annoying. In their pure form, such interiors are rarely created, fragmentary interspersing of some elements is used: inlaid chairs and tables, African masks, animal skins, earthen vessels.

Fragmentary blotches of American style

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Gives a bright shell housing. Metallic exquisite furniture, coasters, dishes with chasing are obligatory in the interior. The decoration of the walls is bright, wooden panels with carved patterns, interspersed with mother-of-pearl inserts.

India with mother of pearl - beauty and delight

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Often referred to as minimal finesse. The inhabitants of the Celestial Master create charming, original interiors in houses with small rooms. Style is indispensable for people who appreciate the beauty hidden behind simplicity. Everything is verified to the smallest detail, nothing superfluous, everything is clear and geometrically correct.

Japanese minimalism, only the most necessary

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Impregnated with philosophical highlights. Decorative multiplied by finesse. Cozy in such interiors will be a person who is imbued with Eastern ideals or philosophy. The combination of rectilinear forms and decorative elements: carvings, lamps, lanterns, furniture of unusual shape, partition screens give harmony and peace.

Asian ideals in a modern interior

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In the interior it is necessary to create the feeling that the sun has whitened the walls, furniture, and dishes. The main slogan: the modest charm of the bourgeoisie. This style can hardly be called rustic in its purest form. Furniture with scuffs, but antique high cost.

Chic Provence with high cost

In low rooms, use a wide ceiling frieze, it will create the effect of an arched vault and visually enlarge the room. In the small hallways, bathrooms, make a diagonal layout of tiles, this changes the geometry of the room, making their exchanges more comfortable.


Wide ceiling frieze significantly increases the ceiling

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Recently, modern construction technologies have penetrated under the roof of the house, and more and more modern areas are used in the interiors.

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American style loft, which connects the "factory" large rooms with high ceilings, huge windows, laconic lamps with unusual lamps and special comfort. The finish is applied to rough brickwork and smooth painted walls.

Comfortable and very comfortable loft

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Country music

Country music The most simple to implement direction for a country house. Wood and fireplace, large sofas and rocking chairs, comfortable furniture, colorful curtains. In this interior, the easiest way to collect lovely things, memories of the past and modern elements.

All long forgotten in country style

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Minimalism gives freedom. Space modeling allows you to make an interior that will not be boring or trite. In one room the furniture of different colors and texture is subtly combined. From decorative elements can be paintings with an abstract pattern.

Sometimes minimalism looks much brighter.

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High tech

High tech This is probably the most conservative style. Each element is thought out in advance, a clear thread of space organization is built. It is impossible to imagine in it careless pillows or fancy curtains with pelmets. The style is deservedly considered expensive.

Frilly hi-tech, which is distinguished by its high cost

This is an overview of the most popular styles of different directions. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account life habits, preferences and plans for the future, because decorating a house is an investment for many years.

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Let's talk about color

It is noticed that the change in the color of the walls and the flooring can change the familiar interior items. But, more importantly, the color gamut can help restore lost strength, inspire, soothe or invigorate. It even helps children grow.

The color scheme is able to change the emotional mood.

Let us examine the basic principles: warm and bright colors (red, orange, yellow) can bring objects closer, and cold gray, green, blue - visually move them away. The application of this principle will help push the walls apart or make too large a room chamberly cozy. There are additional features:

WhiteIn large quantities it creates the effect of a hospital ward, bright blotches are necessary;Blue Promotes relaxation, helps relieve tension;Yellow Indispensable in the rooms facing the north side - gives warmth and comfort;Green Color freshness, peace. A wonderful option for diet lovers - reduces appetite;Red The color of wealth, but in large quantities annoying. Leave it for accessories and fragmented use.

Classic white color

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The connection of the external and internal surroundings

As we considered, it is important to choose the interior of the house to suit your preferences, convenience and ambitions. However, often the owners of the cottage do not think that it is necessary to choose the finishing of the facades in accordance with the internal surroundings.

We carry out competent glazing

Agree in the house from the rounded baroque timber will look inappropriate, but beyond the threshold of the cottage, decorated with siding, it is impossible to imagine an oriental style.

The style is determined at the planning stage.

Therefore, even at the construction stage, you need to decide which basic style is chosen so that the house is harmonious inside and out. This will help the correct selection of colors, similar lamps, basic decorative elements.

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The most important question

The most important thing is for you to understand in which cottage you live well. Home is a continuation of our inner being. In it, we relax and receive guests, love and raise children, are engaged in creativity or self-development.

Place for your creativity and self-development

You must listen to your feelings.

  • Think about what colors are closer to the heart, and which ones should be categorically refused.
  • Will I have this trendy fussy table in my heart in two months?
  • Do not annoy monochrome walls.
  • Take into account that children grow up: they need new furniture and children's room decoration. Parents on the contrary become older and it is necessary to allocate a bedroom on the first floor.
  • Love guests, organize a guest house or a bedroom with an additional toilet on the first floor.
  • There are hobbies - make room for this. As a result, the house will not be cluttered: with knitting needles, scraps of cloth, tools.

Remember you do everything not for one year

Do not forget about pets. I suggest that cat owners decorate a part of one of the walls with carpet that appeals to the decor. Guaranteed, all the furniture and wallpaper will not lose its appeal. Lovers of flowers to think about whether to beat them in the interior (stand) or arrange for this mini garden.

Take care of the flowers

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Combine incompatible

Interest Ask. By and large, all modern styles meet the term eclecticism - mixing. While choosing a decoration it is important to make a decision with the whole family, to take into account the preferences of each, you should not combine diametrically different styles under the same roof.

Modern interior design

For example: a hall - minimalism, a drawing room - baroque, a bedroom - east delicacy, a nursery - hi-tech. With the result of such confusion, internal dissonance arises. Moving from one room to another during the day, a person loses a sense of reality and peace.

Baroque sumptuousness in the living room

It is more rational to combine styles that are in harmony with each other: Country + Provence + Mediterranean; Minimalism + Japan; Greece + Empire. In this case, one of the styles will be strung on the other, like beads in a necklace.

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