Curtains in the living room in a modern style. Stylish ideas, fashion innovations in 2019 + 130 PHOTOS


Fashion is changing the world around us: materials, fabrics, interiors. Design techniques modify the room, bring peace or dynamics, grandeur or comfort, comfort or refinement. And with the help of curtains you can achieve unsurpassed results. Learn more about everything further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Curtain as an element of the design of the room
  • Modern tendencies
  • How the style of the room affects the choice of curtains
  • Rules of choice: what is acceptable and what to refuse
  • Color and texture
  • Marvelous asymmetry and thread models
  • What to look for
  • Curtains for large and small rooms
  • Which is preferable in small rooms
  • TOP 5 curtain trends in 2019
  • VIDEO: Catalog of curtains for the living room. New in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original ideas of curtains in the living room
  • Curtain as an element of the design of the room
  • Modern tendencies
  • How the style of the room affects the choice of curtains
  • Rules of choice: what is acceptable and what to refuse
  • Marvelous asymmetry and thread models
  • Curtains for large and small rooms
  • TOP 5 curtain trends in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original ideas of curtains in the living room
  • Curtain as an element of the design of the room

    Textile is the main decorative tool, in addition to the chosen style, the ability to change the interior depending on the mood or time of year.

    Textiles as the basis of decorative tools

    The idea that curtains perform a purely utilitarian function is gone: protect from the sun and prying eyes. Therefore, fashionable options have interesting decorative elements: fabric holders, beads, eyelets, clips, magnetic clips, hairpins, metal holders.

    Interesting decorative elements for curtains

    To summarize the above, textiles create mood, protect the living room from the outside world, create the mood of the home and family. Comfort and comfort is impossible without fabrics. When choosing, many details are taken into account:

    • The size of the room (area and height).
    • Sideways location.
    • General color design.
    • The desire to make the room brighter or create cozy comfort.

    Comfort and comfort is impossible without fabrics

    Some points are discussed below. And now the main trends. In small rooms, dark, heavy fabrics cause a gloomy mood. In large rooms with smoothly painted walls and plain furniture, it is advisable to select textured fabric with bright or iconic prints.

    Bright curtains for the pastel room

    In dark rooms or north-facing cold tones are permissible only for the summer season. Otherwise, depression is guaranteed. The optimum will be a warm color scheme, flower drawings, decorating with thread options with beads, they scatter bright highlights and enliven the interior.

    Do not make spontaneous decisions. Before you buy your favorite fabric, think about how it combines with other elements of decor and furniture. Will not annoy if riot of colors. In order not to be mistaken, imagine that the curtain will be in front of your eyes every day and make the right choice.

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    Modern tendencies

    This year, new trends have appeared - a return to natural materials. Eco styles, which are gaining increasing popularity, have influenced the design of windows. Popular fabrics:

    1 Cotton; 2 Linen; 3 Silk; 4 Barchat.

    Natural fabrics in the interior of the room

    The colors of the fabric, which repeat the natural palette, will transform into any interior: the living room and bedroom, the nursery and the balcony, the dining rooms and the cabinets. We will stay in the living room.

    Natural color palette on your windows

    Organza is a thing of the past. Even artificial fabrics have a natural structure. The basic principle is to let in more air, which means natural freshness in the rooms. Draperies are soft, without complex elements, often asymmetrical. With hooks at different heights. It helps to bring notes of warmth to the strict interior.

    Asymmetrical lines for warmth and comfort.

    For rooms on the south, south-west side, blackout fabrics remain relevant. The opaque structure will provide protection from sunlight.

    Sun protection with blackout curtains

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    How the style of the room affects the choice of curtains

    It is not necessary to rely only on personal preferences when choosing. You should take into account the overall style of the apartment, house or individual room.

    One style curtains and rooms

    Hi-tech, minimalismGrid with large structural cells. Designers suggest using a metallic, gold color for the urban style. "EGO" - suitable options that harmonize or complement the overall color direction. Designers offer mesh with the addition of linen threads.

    EGO - the general color scheme

    Country musicCotton, linen fabrics with a color print. Looks great cell. Small frills are allowed.

    Linen fabric with floral print

    Eclecticism As in the previous style, but the picture has a fantasy character.

    Fantasy even in the drawing of curtains

    NeoclassicismThe combination of plain fabrics with floral. Such multi-layered structures give a large range of freedom. Be sure to add silk cords. Elegant restraint characterizes this style. The color scheme is rich: brown, deep green, gold, burgundy.Modern Color to match the walls. The textile pattern is exotic, slightly darker or lighter than the main background. Catchy colors are excluded.

    Color curtains to match the walls

    Provence It is impossible to imagine without light natural curtains bleached by the sun. Drawing - small flowers, soft draperies. Color range: lilac, pink, milky, mint, blue, all shades of beige. Light natural colors. No complex shapes, but can be decorated with artificial flowers. The main motto is light airiness.

    Light airiness and elegant color accent

    Loft Allows a minimum of textiles. Color range from white to black.

    Dark colors - an emphasis on style.

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    Rules of choice: what is acceptable and what to refuse

    The trend of last season was the rejection of curtains in favor of roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical and horizontal blinds. However, this trend has not taken root. The interiors have become poorer and often the owners lacked comfort, warmth and special charm. An additional advantage can be hidden marriage, which is often allowed by builders when finishing slopes and corners.

    Great advantage for hiding window flaws

    The main principle of choice - the curtains should not "catch" in the eye and distract from the overall decor of the room. Otherwise, an association with middle-class houses of the past arises. The main direction - the rejection of screaming decor.

    An interesting combination is given by two - three-layer models consisting of a fabric of the same color, but of different density. A large range of freedom is guaranteed. You can create various decoration options with hairpins, coarse and fine drapery.

    Three-layer curtain models provide an interesting combination.

    It is not necessary to use diametrically opposite textiles in one interior: velvet and floral print, flax to decorate with golden fringe, to combine a cage and a bouquet drawing.

    Use harmonious color curtains in the interior

    If the living room is combined with a bedroom, we need a thicker curtain to ensure a comfortable rest. Thin curtain with impenetrable laconic curtains - a win-win. In modern trends there are no tails, frills, massive brushes and a long fringe. Accessories: clamps, sleek hooks without frills, rhinestones.

    Impervious laconic curtains in the bedroom-living room

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    Color and texture

    Fashion of the 80s - flower drawings received a new interpretation and conquer interiors and hearts. Unlike previous years, the drawings are larger. They can compete well or harmonize with furniture upholstery.

    Color range of curtains with decorative elements

    The texture is smooth. Like linen, calico, cotton and velvet textiles are smooth, without an embossed pattern. Multi-layer fabrics often have a straight laconic form. For neoclassical styles, it should be high-quality textiles.

    Linen curtains without pattern

    New feature: the connection of roller or fabric blinds and curtains. In this case, they do without thin curtains. The length has changed - it exceeds the height of the room by 15 - 20 cm and falls down with soft folds to the floor. They are used if it is necessary to focus on the windows in order to divert attention from the shortcomings of the room: low ceilings or monotonous wall decorations.

    The connection of fabric blinds and curtains

    Color blok is a universal trend that came to us from England. Feature: the cloth is sewed from stripes, identical by the size, but different in color. "Gradient" - an interpretation of the previous version. It can be three or more colors, several shades, which create an interesting transition from a dark tone down to a light tone above.

    Color blok for a new interior style

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    Marvelous asymmetry and thread models

    Asymmetrical design with pickups, clips helps to change the idea of ​​the true size of the room. Thanks to this technique, the curtains do not dominate, but they distract attention from the shortcomings of the room: small area, length or narrow shape. Help to place accents.

    Asymmetrical pickup design

    Such curtains can be different colors or monophonic. The priority is cutting, laying the tail, the use of various accessories. The room can be changed on your own regularly. Today it is a strict classic and smooth texture with pickups in the middle. Tomorrow, one pickup is mounted a meter from the floor, the second in a meter from the ceiling. In a week, the lanes cross each other.

    Smooth texture with pickups in the middle

    A variant of asymmetry can be the use of narrow and wide panels. This is ideal for rooms with windows that are nonstandardly located in the rooms. This layout is inherent in private houses, apartments in old buildings.

    A little about flowing streaks. They can revive old textiles, create interesting decoration with elegant clips. Zoning of premises is quickly created. And it takes a minimum of time, quite a few different pickups and metal holders.

    Relive the interior with metal holders

    With the help of such curtains, it is easy to give a room an elegant look and prepare it for a celebration. Designers propose to apply not only options with long thin strips, but also cords with beads of various colors and sizes. It is enough to decorate the windows and the room takes on a festive look.

    Choose the perfect window decor

    Such curtains can be called universal. They fit classic and neoclassical styles for hi-tech and minimalism. The exception can be called four directions: Provence, Loft, Archaic and Country. In these interiors, they will be an inappropriate alien element.

    Minimalism in the interior

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    What to look for

    What begins the choice of textiles. Imagine not with research catalogs and trips to salons. There are several issues to consider:

    • What is the overall concept of living room design. In classic styles, rough textured linen and cotton fabrics are unacceptable. And country and Provence reject velvet and taffeta.
    • Where the windows go to the cardinal points: you need to add coolness to the southern rooms, and softness to the northern ones.
    • It is important to decide on your favorite colors, otherwise the interior will be annoying.
    • How complex or easy to maintain selected textiles.
    • How the cross principle will be applied. If the walls are plain painted or decorated with plain wallpaper, choose floral and fancy prints. Rooms with pictures on the walls require a smooth fabric texture.
    • Window decoration should attract attention or emphasize the design of the room.

    Choose your favorite curtain color

    Therefore, no mistake will be made. It is better to pre-consider the choice than to live in an eye irritating interior.

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    Curtains for large and small rooms

    For classic interiors of large living rooms, velvet gives a magnificent highlight. Beautifully draped curtains with grabs complement the stylistic furniture and lighting. The year 2019 is often called the year of return to decorating with velvet.

    Velvet curtains like a magnificent highlight in the room

    Thanks to this fabric, respectability and luxury are guaranteed. French curtains returned to their positions. Weightlessness and sophistication allow you to transform a large room, make it cozy chamber.

    Weightlessness and sophistication on your windows

    The French curtain consists of several canvases, which are laid in a special way and fall in separate wave folds. Mostly very light colors are used: white, baked milk, ivory, light beige, light green, mint.

    French curtains consisting of several canvases

    The unusual mix of monophonic and colored fabrics allows you to create a universal interior design. Depending on the mood, monotonous or colored fabric is released to the foreground, different curtains are picked up with clips and they create an exclusive design. One window can be simultaneously decorated with different textures.

    Fabric mix for versatile interior decoration

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    Which is preferable in small rooms

    In apartments with modest dimensions, it must be remembered that a large pattern is permissible only if the upholstered furniture and floor covering, walls are plain. Long options from ceiling to floor with lots of vertical drapery visually increase the height. Ideal for apartments with a small area.

    Option curtains from ceiling to floor

    The Roman curtains + ordinary vertical ones have regained their fashion. The design allows you to lift the cloth, forming horizontal folds, which in turn expands the space and changes the proportions.

    Roman curtains + regular vertical

    Give a highlight to your interior

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    TOP 5 curtain trends in 2019

    1 Jungle or tropical design.

    Curtains with leaves

    2 Minimalism.


    3 Yellow and terracotta.

    Warm shades

    4Style 60's.

    60s style

    53D volume

    3D volume

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    VIDEO: Catalog of curtains for the living room. New in 2019