Bedroom design (furniture, curtains, lighting, textiles). Nuances of the correct design + 240 PHOTO


In each dwelling there is a room where you can relax and rest as much as possible. This is a place of relaxation is a bedroom. Bedroom design with options for photos of its design, you can see in this article. We have collected for you the most interesting interiors and fashion trends!

  • Bedroom design rules and elements
  • Color solution
  • Wall coloring
  • Furniture in design
  • What is important to know when making
  • Lighting
  • Curtains
  • Top 5 Fashionable curtains for the bedroom in 2019
  • Textile
  • Textiles on the bedroom floor
  • VIDEO: Choosing the most beautiful design for your bedroom
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Successful bedroom interiors
  • Bedroom design rules and elements
  • Color solution
  • Furniture in design
  • Lighting
  • Curtains
  • Textile
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Successful bedroom interiors
  • Bedroom design rules and elements

    The bedroom can have any style solution that meets your tastes and preferences. Often it is designed in the classic, Scandinavian, style or country style. But this room, regardless of style, should fulfill its main purpose - to have to rest and give the opportunity to relax as much as possible.

    We create coziness in the room for rest

    This is achieved with the help of plain dim colors or non-irritating ornaments and patterns of textiles, walls and ceilings, soft lighting, a minimum amount of furniture, the main subject of which is a bed.

    We achieve the comfort of a bedroom

    Let us consider how to combine the style of this room with its functional purpose by the example of the design of walls, furniture, floor and ceiling, as well as textile solutions.

    We adhere to minimalism

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    Color solution

    The choice of color for the bedroom, which is created by painting the walls, is related to its style. From the variety of existing colors for the walls of this room, it is desirable to choose white, coffee, beige, gray, turquoise and black.

    With care, you can use a combination of several contrasting colors, while not forgetting about the inadmissibility of using too bright tones together.

    It is recommended to choose light colors.

    Designers consider the most successful choice of white walls for a large bedroom, since it opens up unlimited possibilities for interior solutions. It is suitable for choosing any style.

    White bedroom can be beaten with bright elements of decor.

    You can beat the white color with bright paintings, murals, curtains and other interior items that match the style. The white color of the walls fits well with modern styles, for example, it is organic in minimalism.

    Design in white color perfectly with large windows.

    White walls are appropriate for rooms with large window openings. Contrasting colors are suitable for small windows.

    In a small bedroom, when choosing a background color, light shades should prevail.

    The predominance of light shades

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    Wall coloring

    For small bedrooms, designers advise to use light cold colors for painting walls, they visually increase the size of the room. For example, blue and gray walls are a good backdrop for furniture and do not clutter up space. These shades are best used for the northern room.

    Nice background for furniture

    It is not necessary to paint all the walls in one color. You can enliven and increase the space by decorating only one wall next to the bed in a bright color.

    The wall behind the bed is painted in a muted lilac shade, which is supported by textile elements: curtains, bedspread, pillows. This design is suitable for a room looking west.

    Lilac color, underlined in one tone textiles

    Walls and ceilings, if not white, must be matched in tone. In this case, the ceiling is covered in a lighter shade, then it will not visually press and reduce the height of the room. Return to menu return to menu меню

    Furniture in design

    The selection and placement of furniture in the bedroom is usually the stage of the interior arrangement of the bedroom, which follows the wall decoration. In this case, they are guided by their color. Consider the rules of placement of furniture, depending on the interior style, its main tone and characteristics of this room.

    Properly selected furniture is the key to success.

    The main subject in the bedroom, of course, is the bed. From its location in this room depends on the whole view of the bedroom. There are general rules for placing a berth, which must be observed in any style in this room.

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    What is important to know when making

    • the bed does not need to be placed opposite the entrance to the bedroom;
    • at its location provide a place from which the front door can be lying down to observe;
    • the bed is not advisable to equip the mirror, the bed should not be reflected in it;
    • in the big bedroom it is better to put a bed in the center of the room;
    • its location in the corner is allowed if there are no window openings;
    • to the sleeping place should be provided with a sufficient passage, not cluttered with standing furniture;
    • bed height can be any, but it should not be located near the floor, between their surfaces should definitely equip the minimum clearance;
    • near the bed you need to provide a place for a bedside table, in the case of a double bed placed in the center of the room, it is better to install tables on both sides.

    In a large room, the bed is best placed in the center.

    The rest of the furniture, regardless of style, is placed along the free walls. This room, as a rule, is also the place where the possessions are stored. Therefore, in addition to the bed, it must be provided with built-in or added wardrobes, if the room allows, you can put a chest of drawers.

    It is better to choose it low with sufficient width, or high if the chest of drawers is narrow. The dressing table with the figured mirror lit by the muffled light of a desk lamp looks cozy.

    Dressing table looks very comfortable

    At your request, you can place other necessary items in the room, for example, hang a TV on the wall, put a coffee table and other items.

    If the bedroom is quite small, then next to the bed you can hang shelves to place the necessary items on them. The head of the bed is by the window. In this case, this is permissible, because the window is located quite high and it is small.

    Shelves for the most necessary

    Furniture design for different styles may vary in shape, style and material. For example, for the interior in the Greek style suitable massive wooden furniture of carved form and dark color. It can be supplemented with various shelves hanging along the walls.

    Shelves along the wall complement the interior.

    For the style of country style, which is often called rustic, characterized by coarse bulky furniture, often made by hand. General rules of placement for it do not apply.

    In the classic version used furniture made from valuable trees. It is distinguished by its strict geometric shape and looks thoroughly and nobly. Arrange it strictly in accordance with generally accepted rules.

    Furniture made of valuable trees

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    Designers when planning the interior offer many options for the lighting solutions of this room. It is preferable to arrange the lighting of two types: top and local, which must necessarily be present near the bed.

    Top lighting is usually used when entering the bedroom in the dark. As a local near the bed often serves a sconce or some other night light.

    Sconce near the bed

    Hang bright lights directly above the head of the bed, especially the chandelier, it is impossible not only in terms of aesthetics, but also for security reasons. With such an arrangement of bright light sources, they will strike in the eyes, making it difficult to relax before going to bed.

    It is better to hang lamps that will diffuse the light and provide soft lighting. Instead of a chandelier in the room, it is wiser to use the built-in lights.

    It is often better to use fixtures.

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    The bedroom serves primarily for relaxation and rest. Therefore, you need to create an environment to isolate this room from external stimuli: bright sunshine penetrating the room and street noise that prevents you from falling asleep.

    This can be done with the help of curtains. In order for them to fulfill a protective role, the fabric of the curtains must be dense, such as brocade or velvet.

    Beautiful velvet curtains

    In addition to creating an intimate isolation, the curtains play a huge aesthetic role in the interior of the bedroom. Successfully selected curtains, combined with the general style of this room, cause positive emotions and create a major mood for the whole day. When thinking about the design of curtains in the bedroom, it is important to consider not only their functionality.

    We cause positive emotions

    It is important for you to decide what is more important for you: the protective function of curtains or their decorative component. Do you need too dense curtains that do not let in sunlight, protect against noise and external view, if the room is on the first floor, or are they necessary for an aesthetic impression and decor?

    The main thing to determine the function that they will perform

    It all depends on the chosen style of the room and the location of your home and bedroom windows. In order not to be mistaken in the selection of curtains, you need to clearly represent their appearance on your windows, along with other elements of the selected interior style.

    Combine the curtains with the interior

    In modern style solutions, roller blinds are often used. Roman blinds are also popular. The bedroom in which Japanese style is chosen looks originally.

    For lovers of "country" style, you must give preference to natural fabrics. It can be flax or cotton with drapery elements.

    Country lovers prefer natural fabrics

    For a room that has a classic style, heavy curtains are combined with a light transparent veil. A characteristic element is a pelmet.

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    Top 5 Fashionable curtains for the bedroom in 2019

    1 London curtains.

    London curtains

    2 French curtains.

    French curtains

    3Italian curtains.

    Italian curtains

    4Rimsky curtains.

    Roman curtains

    5Japanese curtains.

    Japanese curtains

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    The design looks harmoniously if it combines all the details of the interior. The important role played by bedroom textiles, including bedspreads, blankets, bedding, pillows. Today the bed is a place for creative decoration with the help of pillows, bedspreads, blankets and other objects in order to create a cozy bed corresponding to the general style of the room.

    Pay attention to all elements of the decor.

    Fashionable in modern design is a multi-layered bedding. For example, from under the bedspread opens beautiful linens. On the bed there may be a bunch of multi-colored pillows that support the tone of the interior.

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    Textiles on the bedroom floor

    Waking up in the morning, we get out of bed and touch the floor barefoot. To experience the pleasant sensations and pleasure, a carpet spreads along the bed. Materials must be environmentally friendly, warm and easy to clean.

    Convenient when there is a small rug near the bed

    For the floor of the bedroom is well suited soft with a long fluffy pile carpet of natural origin. He should not only create a warm and pleasant feeling, but also be designed in design to other interior items.

    Carpets can also visually enlarge the space. If you want to achieve this effect, then choose a monochromatic bright carpet of the floor. You can also lay a white carpet with a geometric pattern.

    Monochrome coating increases space

    In general, when choosing it, you can be guided by your preferences and style decision of the entire interior of the room.

    Important is the location of the carpet on the floor. For example, a large-sized carpet, located at the foot of the bed, creates a cozy and quiet atmosphere.

    A rug at the foot will give an atmosphere of warmth and comfort

    There are two traditional ways of arranging carpet products in a bedroom. These include placing a carpet along the bed and at the foot of the bed.

    In addition to large carpeting in the bedroom often use small bedside rugs. For this, oval-shaped articles are often chosen if they are suitable for style. For example, a rectangular bedside rug is more suitable for high-tech style.

    Small bedside rug

    With the help of carpets you can easily zone the bedroom space, if it is large enough.

    The main thing is that everything is harmoniously matched.

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    VIDEO: Choosing the most beautiful design for your bedroom