Shutters in the toilet - The choice of the modern man. 70+ (Photos) options and nuances of their installation


More recently, the roller blinds were not used for installation in the bathroom or toilet. This was due to the fact that every square centimeter of the square was worth its weight in gold, especially for small apartments. Plumbing roller shutters will help to hide the pipe layout, household chemicals and other items, without violating the integral unity of the room and design. They look stylish and do not take away the useful space from the room. Find out what are the roller shutters and how to harmoniously fit them into such a small interior in more detail later in the article.

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  • Roller shutter options
  • Features to consider when installing
  • How is the installation?
  • How to choose the shutters in the toilet?
  • Roller shutter functions installed in the toilet
  • Distinctive features and advantages of rollt
  • Roller blind function
  • Design
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • Exterior design
  • Roller blinds for the closet in the toilet
  • VIDEO: Choosing the roller blinds in the toilet
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 70 photos)
  • Roller shutter options
  • Features to consider when installing
  • How to choose the shutters in the toilet?
  • Distinctive features and advantages of rollt
  • Design
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • Exterior design
  • Roller blinds for the closet in the toilet
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 70 photos)
  • Roller shutter options

    Previously, they could only be installed on wooden window frames. But with the development of technology and the emergence of new ways of fixing, roller shutters were used for installation in sanitary facilities. They will organically fit into any style of the room.

    Roller shutters will help to hide the pipe layout

    Rollet has the form of a canvas, its surface is decorated with a pattern that can be matched to the overall design of the room, or painted in a single color. Behind them you can hide shelves, pipes, or defects or surface irregularities that can spoil the overall picture.

    If you need to open the roller shutters, the canvas is hidden in a special box. Thanks to it centimeters of already small room are not spent.

    Rollet has the form of a canvas

    There are several ways to install the roller shutter in a free opening:
    • box inside - This is the most convenient design option. The main thing to consider the location of all communications, so that it does not become an obstacle during installation. Measurements need to be done after the wall is aligned before the tile is laid on it. So rolling shutters will turn out flush with the wall;
    • the box stays outside. The method is applied when the structure does not fit in the opening. Measurements need to be done after the tile is laid on the walls. The whole structure will be attached to it;
    • lining method. The box should remain outside the opening. Usually this option is used for very thin walls. For example, if they are made of drywall.

    Consider the color of the canvas and box

    Some models of roller shutters provide locks. This option will help to hide household chemicals or pipes from small children so that they could not harm themselves due to carelessness.

    BoardWhen choosing a roller blind, you need to consider the color of the canvas and the box. It should be in harmony with the surroundings and the chosen style. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Features to consider when installing

    If roller shutters are installed in order to hide pipes and other communications, be sure to leave free access to them. This is necessary so that in unforeseen situations one can easily check them or shut off the water, for example, if a pipe breaks through. Access should be left in order to make it easier to read the meter readings.

    You can hide the technique behind them.

    Basic requirements to be observed during installation:
    • Rolling shutters can not be installed in the form of a deaf jumper.
    • The canvas should open and close quickly and effortlessly.
    • The box where the roller blind will hide will be mounted on top. It can be hidden under a suspended or suspended ceiling, so the whole structure looks easy and fits any design.
    Roller shutters are more practical than a cabinet with doors or a hatch. In the first case, when opening, the space will decrease. In the second - there is no free access to the pipes, which will be a significant obstacle to their quick repair.

    In tone to the selected design

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    How is the installation?

    Rollers are usually mounted in the following cases:

    • repair work indoors;
    • pipe replacement;
    • installation of filters, water meters;
    • installation of equipment for water heating.

    Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to determine its functions.. On this will depend on the place of installation and the size of the canvas and the box for the roller shutter. The installation process will not cause difficulties and does not take much time. You can call the wizard, who quickly cope with the task.

    The product is more practical than a cabinet with doors

    Rolleta can be installed in the toilet with their own hands, it will save the family budget. It is important to correctly mount the box itself and the guides along which the blades will move up and down. It is best to pre-apply all the necessary markings on the wall, this will contribute to proper assembly and installation of the structure. As a result, it will turn out smooth and without tilting to the side.

    The frame assembled together with the canvas is a rectangle. The same shape should have a niche that is extremely rare.

    Before installation, it is necessary to measure its width at 3 points:
    • down below;
    • in the middle;
    • up.

    Before installation, it is necessary to determine the function of the product.

    The discrepancy in the figures should not exceed 5 ml. Such cracks can easily cover. To choose the correct size of the roller shutter, the smallest value of 3 indications is taken as the basis. Rollers cannot prevent free access to pipes, meters or other plumbing items. This is taken into account when installing them. If repair is necessary, it will be enough just to lift the canvas, and not to disassemble the wall. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    How to choose the shutters in the toilet?

    Rolleta will organically fit into any style and design of the room.

    Pay attention to the details:
    • mechanism for raising and lowering the blade;
    • material box and canvas;
    • profile view;
    • locking device;
    • control method. It can occur manually or remotely.

    Rolling shutters cannot impede free access to pipes

    Installing additional options will increase the cost of construction. It should be borne in mind where the shutters will be installed in a private house or apartment.

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    Roller shutter functions installed in the toilet

    Shutters help create order in the room. They hide unnecessary items from prying eyes, which advantageously emphasizes the design of the room. The main functions of the roller shutter include:

    • aesthetics. You can choose the slats of any shade. If necessary, a drawing is depicted on the surface. He will emphasize the design decision and style. If desired, you can install in the closet rolls with photo printing;
    • economy. The hidden box through which the canvas moves does not take up much space and does not steal precious centimeters. Behind roller shutters, you can hide pipes, counters, water heaters and simply shelves with various household chemicals.

    You can choose any lamellae

    BoardRoller shutters can be the main accent of the room. He will focus all attention on himself, hiding the pipe layout or surface defects. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Distinctive features and advantages of rollt

    The main advantage of roller blinds is open and fast access to pipes and water meters.

    This is very important in situations where an accident occurs or pipes begin to leak. There is no need to completely break the wall, you just need to open the shutters and repair the broken or broken parts.

    When the cloth is lowered, it creates reliable protection of the sanitary equipment, connections of pipes and counters against prying eyes. Small children and pets will not be able to get here, which eliminates the risk of injury and equipment breakdown.

    May be the main focus of the room

    Of the advantages of the rollt should be highlighted:
    • financial savings. For a little money, you can hide unnecessary details and emphasize the design of the room. Thanks to the roller blinds, a bright and stylish accent will appear in the toilet;
    • quick install Installation of equipment will be able to perform inexperienced people in the repair. All work is carried out for 1 day. After that, shutters can be fully used;
    • sound insulation of the room;
    • heat insulation;

    Hide all unnecessary

    • creating a unique design and mood of the room. Roller shutters will help emphasize the chosen style and will be able to blend in with any direction. The main thing is to choose the color or pattern of the canvas;
    • convenient to operate. When repairing a pipe or a meter, it is not necessary to damage the wall or its finish. The cloth easily rises, opening access to all necessary sanitary equipment;
    • Roller shutters of any kind can be quickly washed. This is done with a simple sponge or damp cloth. If you find more serious and corrosive pollution can use household chemicals. They will not damage the surface and structure of the canvas and the box.
    BoardIf in the toilet according to the project there is a suspended or hinged ceiling, then the structure where the canvas will be hidden can be hidden under it. This will give the room a finished look that will look just perfect. To make the interior modern, you can install automatic shutters.

    Making the interior more modern

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    Roller blind function

    The toilet room can be divided into 2 zones.

    • Visible. This facing, furniture and plumbing.
    • Hidden It concentrates various pipe connections, communications, and meters.

    In order to hide the hidden zone, it must be hidden from prying eyes. Best of all with this task roller shutters.

    Installation of equipment can perform inexperienced people in the repair

    Many people for this purpose use plastic or fabric blinds. These materials will quickly come into disrepair, which, on the contrary, will be noticeable and attract extra attention.

    If you make a box of particle board, it will tightly close all communications that should be freely available. Even the left hatch will not be able to provide full access to them in case of a pipe leak or other accident.
    When installing conventional blinds need to be ready for constant care. This is a rather long and laborious process.

    In addition, they will not help protect from the noise that is created in the pipes.

    The material has good sound insulation.

    Roller shutters are made in various designs. If necessary, shutters simply rise, providing full access to all pipes, meters and water heaters. They are made of environmentally friendly materials, which guarantees the safety of each family member. Products are easy to clean. The surface of the roller in the production is covered with a special powder. This ensures the preservation of the appearance for a long time.

    Behind rolling shutters not only communications, but also various shelves with household chemicals and other objects which are better for hiding easily disappear. Due to this, powders, mops, rags will be hidden and will not spoil the appearance of the room.

    Roller shutters will help emphasize the chosen style.

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    The basis of the roller shutter is a design that is used in the manufacture of windows and doors. Rollet consists of individual lamellae. When opened, they are wound on a special shaft hidden in the box. It can be installed outside or inside the opening. The method of installation depends on the design chosen.

    So that the canvas itself does not unwind, there is a spring inside the shaft. She holds back his rolls. When the structure is closed, it consists of thick shutters that securely hide the inside of the niche. If necessary, roller shutters can be closed with a special lock or latch. This is appropriate to do in apartments where there are small children or curious pets.

    Easy to use

    For convenience, you can choose any model rollt. Professional craftsmen recommend installing in a niche whose width is less than 52 cm, equipment with a cord mechanism. In other cases, it is better to install rolling shutters, which are equipped with springs.BoardTo roller shutters bring maximum benefit, it is recommended to install them for the entire length of the opening, which must be hidden. This ensures free access to all pipes and communications at any time.

    Any kind of product can be quickly washed.

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    What to consider when choosing?

    The main thing is to measure the width and height of the opening. Measurements are taken at several points.. So the values ​​are correct and accurate, which will help to avoid large gaps and curvature of the structure. After that, you need to select the drive. The best option is the inertial spring. This is the perfect value for money. It can fix the canvas at a certain height. The most expensive option is an automatic lifting system.

    There are several basic materials that are used for making toilet shutters. These include:
    • aluminum profile. It is painted in the manufacture of special paint. It will help protect the product from corrosion and quickly deterioration;
    • plastic. The design weighs less than products made from other materials. The main advantage is a large variety of colors.

    It is recommended to install them for the entire length of the opening.

    Next you need to think about how to install the roller shutter. It depends on the technical features of the room and the size of the niche. Installation can be done in-house or hire a specialist. It is best if it is an employee of the company in which the production of roller shutters was ordered.

    Rollers can be mounted independently. The main thing is to do everything neatly, carefully measuring out and setting every detail. In case of installation errors, rolling shutters will no longer be subject to warranty service in the event of their breakdown or incorrect operation.

    Plastic weighs less than products made from other materials.

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    Exterior design

    Roller shutters with photo printing are often used for the image of outdoor advertising. Slats are also installed in the toilet in order to visually hide communications, meters and other items. They will emphasize the chosen style of the room, the main thing is to choose a good quality material, the image from which will not be erased after the first cleaning.

    For photo printing on the surface of roller shutters, you can choose a finished drawing. If necessary, you can order the production of the furnished image by sketches or photographs.

    BoardStop the choice better in the picture, which is applied to the special equipment with powder paint. Cheap films will quickly erase, leaving behind only memories of what was depicted here.

    Option for your bathroom

    Modern equipment can repeat on the surface of the lamella pattern tile or wallpaper image. This will help dissolve the product in space, making it invisible to prying eyes.

    UV printing, which is used on modern roller shutters, has many advantages.

    Among them:
    • drawing is not erased with time;
    • with proper care, roller shutters will last at least 6-7 years;
    • when hit by sunlight, the picture does not fade and does not tarnish;
    • the image withstands high humidity and temperature drops;
    • wide range of drawings.

    Can be mounted by yourself

    Lamellae advantageously hide sanitary communications and other household items. They can be made of any size. This will help close any opening or niche.

    By production the special powder paint is used. It takes into account the specifics of the room. The main advantage of which is the preservation of all properties with strong changes in humidity and temperature. In this case, the paint has a perfect appearance.

    The selected image will help make the roller shutters the central object of the room. All attention will be focused on it, distracting the eye from some of the nuances and shortcomings of the room.

    Any print can be applied to them.

    If the toilet uses tiles of several colors, then you can order lamellas similar in design. Manufacturers will be able to repeat the desired design on the surface of the roller thanks to modern technology and a wide range of colors.BoardWhen choosing a roller blind in the toilet you need to find the right accessories. First of all, it concerns pens. They should fit the overall design and not stand out on the canvas.
    You can order handles in the form of a hook, ball, semicircular bracket or according to your project. They are made of various materials.

    Imitation of bamboo forest

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    Roller blinds for the closet in the toilet

    It can store various household items, hygiene products, as well as items for cleaning. Ugly when these things are on display. The toilet is a small area in space, where there is no possibility to place additional cabinets and wardrobes. Rolleta easily cope with this task.

    Roller shutters installed in the form of a cabinet have many advantages. Among them:

    • do not change the appearance during operation;
    • clean quickly;
    • practicality and ease of use;
    • wide range of.

    The product is convenient to use.

    Installed shelves for household chemicals and other items should not be an obstacle to free access to communications, meters or pipes.

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    VIDEO: Choosing the roller blinds in the toilet