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Lamp for table lamp: An important accessory in any interior (160+ Photos for the bathroom, kitchen, living room)


Speaking of ceiling lamps, table lamps can not be mentioned. For them, the ceiling often becomes a key element of the design. Will it look good in hi-tech? Will it fit the Japanese style? Does it look good if you look at it not in the interior, but separately? See ideas with your own hands that you will definitely like.

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  • What are the lamps and ceiling on them?
  • Frame
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Jewelery and colors
  • Ideas for the ceiling do it yourself
  • VIDEO: Beautiful and stylish lampshade with your own hands
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • What are the lamps and ceiling on them?
  • Jewelery and colors
  • Ideas for the ceiling do it yourself
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • What are the lamps and ceiling on them?

    All table lamps can be divided into two large groups:

    • Workers. Such designs give a clear directional light in a certain place. Well, if you need to highlight the keyboard or write something. Most often equipped with a flexible metal leg, a cone-shaped lampshade and a clothespin on the end. Fit into any workplace, color varies for the most part, structural features undergo exclusively cosmetic changes.
    • Decorative. Such structures differ from the workers in that the leg does not bend in them, and the base is flat, providing stability. They give a diffused soft light, and more emphasize a specific place in the room than illuminate it. Their design is much more diverse - the shapes and colors change, various decoration techniques are used.

    Lamp with a square canopy

    When it comes to design, how to make the ceiling with your own hands and how to fit the lamp into the interior, talking about the first is almost meaningless. They are well suited to any workplace, this is where their role ends. Decorative lamps - much more interesting and extensive subject.

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    The frame of the lamp can look very different, depending on the whim of the designer. But the materials from which it can be made, there are a certain amount:

    • Noble metal. Most often it is bronze - it looks chic, with a touch of antiquity and just blends in perfectly with the classic interior. Lamp shades are usually also bronze, either glass or fabric. Serves for a long time, is not afraid of environmental exposure, but has a high price.

    Floor lamp for desktop

    • Other metal. Usually this is something with a lower price, but covered with gold or made in bronze. It looks no less elegant, it serves no less than a long time, especially if you properly care for the base, and not wait until it starts to peel. The price is much lower and this is a major plus.
    • Tree. Lacquered wooden leg with the same reason looks noble, especially if you pick up a beautiful breed of wood. It is often decorated with carvings, it is cheaper than metal. Well suited for both classic interiors, and for a variety of eco-styles. Over time, it can peel off and lose gloss, but is amenable to repair.
    Lamp shades are usually made of fabric, thin wooden planks, rice paper or glass.

    Metal version with bending leg

    • Ceramics. Such a base looks elegant - ceramics lends itself well to processing and the leg may look completely laced. Not afraid of exposure to the external environment, can stand in the kitchen, easy to clean. The only drawback is fragility.. If you drop such a base, it will crack at best, break at worst. Lamp shades are usually made of thin metal or fabric.
    • Glass. Often, the leg of it resembles a crystal, looks transparent and thin. The advantages are the same as those of ceramics - it endures any conditions without harm to itself, it is easy to clean. The main disadvantage is the same - if you drop it, it will break. Lamp shades are usually light, either from thin glass or paper.

    In classic style

    BoardIt is always necessary to look, whether the framework will fit into an interior. So, if you have a classic style, you can use any of them. But if you have high-tech, then only metal (preferably silver) or glass will look good.

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    Ceiling lamp

    Exactly the same is true for the ceiling - it can look very different, depending on what form its designer will make and how he decides to decorate.

    But there are not so many materials from which to make it:
    • Plastic. Lightweight material, which is as little as possible to damage. He is not afraid of moisture or low temperature, easy to clean, even with aggressive chemicals. But it can crack if you hit it. The price of plastic is lower than that of other materials, it usually looks accordingly. In addition, there is always a chance to buy a poor-quality product, in which the plafond, when heated, begins to melt slightly and produce an unpleasant odor - this happens if the plastic is not tested before going into production.

    Cloth, classic ceiling

    • Paper. Also light material, which is much more sensitive to the environment. High humidity can cause it to warp, a strong blow can break it. Over time, changes color - either fade or fade. But nothing will happen to him from falling and usually, despite the low price, the paper looks very good. Such designs look especially advantageous in the Japanese interior style - the color should be yellowish, like that of rice paper, and on top should be painted in the form of hieroglyphs.
    • the cloth. It can be a light thin fabric, or it can be a thick, practically unobstructed light. There may be difficulties with cleaning - the fabric is afraid of aggressive chemicals. But it looks beautiful, it does not suffer when it falls, it can be decorated with embroidery and is also not too expensive.
    A variety of fabric shades are designs of thick threads or ribbons - they look beautiful due to intricate weaving.

    Undying classic

    • Metal. Heavy material, which usually goes well with a glass or metal leg. The external environment is not afraid, it will not break when it falls, it looks good, it is easy to clean. But - it is expensive. Over time, it may start to rust or change color, but this is usually solved by proper treatment.
    • Glass. Very beautiful material that changes the color of the light emanating from the lamp and looks especially good if you use the stained glass technique. Not afraid of the environment, but there may be difficulties with washing - if done carelessly, there may be divorces or other traces. Also from the fall is likely to crack.
    • Thin wooden dies. The best material for eco-interiors looks good, but it is difficult to wash - it fades and disappears from chemistry. Over time, the color will change, if dropped it may be damaged. But it is better not to find anything for the Mediterranean style.

    Cabinet option

    BoardMake sure that the lampshade matches the style of the base. For example, a thin elegant glass leg will not be combined with a heavy metal top.

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    Jewelery and colors

    In addition to the material from which the lampshade is made, it also plays the role of how it is decorated.

    It may be:

    • Painting. You can paint and paper, and wood, and plastic, and even metal. You can do it yourself by buying a single-colored lampshade, or you can buy a ready-made lamp with a picture. When buying, make sure that he was professional enough so that there were no smeared places and blurred color on it.

    Creative product

    • Thread. Decorate with carvings, as a rule, wooden lampshades. It can be a pattern, there can be a drawing, and there can be through openings. In any case, the carved lampshade usually looks lacy, original.
    • Engraving. The analogue of the thread, which is used for decorating glass and metal - the procedure for engraving the house does not work, you will have to either order from the master, or buy a finished drawing. Interestingly, the engraving is also different - one is more accurate, the other for larger images, the third one (sandblasting method) makes the glass dull and leaves transparent areas in the shape of a pattern on it.
    • Embroidery. It is used to decorate the fabric, it can also be made either manually, or bought already finished.
    Embroidery technician there are many, you can choose to taste - surface, cross, other, less well-known.

    Beautiful lamp in white color

    • Lace. If you have a ceiling of the threads, then it is possible to tie it with a hook or knitting. It will look airy and will look great in classic styles that differ in romanticism - for example, in Provence.
    • Knitting. Analogue lace, but from thicker threads. It may be lacy, or it may be dense, and then you will have an analogue of the fabric canopy, only a few more bright and specific looking.
    • Burning out. It is used to decorate wooden canopies, allows you to create a picture not with paint, but with high temperatures. It can also be done at home if you have the appropriate tool.

    Dish plate

    • Stained glass window. The classic method of making glass shades. It looks beautiful not only due to the pattern, but also due to the fact that the light, passing through the colored glass, also changes color. It is useful to remember that stained glass windows are more fragile than solid glass, because you should not drop such a lamp.
    • Colored glass. It can be transparent or opaque, but also refers to the methods of decoration. The light, passing through it, is changing, and a curious accent may come out.
    In addition to how the ceiling is decorated, you need to consider what color it is relative to the base:
    • Same. A lamp of the same color is a good accent that may look somewhat fresh. If you need exactly the accent in the tone of the rest of the room or a contrast, then this is a good solution.

    Glass option

    • Shades. The base is darker, the lighter ceiling is also a classic. Such a lamp looks a bit more interesting, but it can serve exactly the same thing - a uniform emphasis on something.
    • Contrast. The base of one color, the ceiling of another, contrasting to it. This creates a voltage that makes the lamp look more interesting. It is appropriate only in homogeneous rooms without other accents - for example, in minimalism or high-tech. In more colorful interiors simply lost.

    And, of course, whether the color in general fits the interior very much in perception.

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    Ideas for the ceiling do it yourself

    For a desk lamp, only frame lamps are suitable - because without a frame, there is simply no place to hold it. The frame can be:

    • Remove from the old lamp, which has long been broken. If you like to postpone old things, in the hope that one day they will come in handy, such a solution is quite suitable for you. Simply unscrew the cover and remove the cloth or paper covering it from the frame.

    Dim lights for the bedroom

    • Make wire. To do this, you need to roll a ring out of a thick wire and fasten to it with a thinner wire rack - at least six pieces. It should result in a semicircular similarity of a basket that fits your lamp in size.
    • Make from wire, but different. To do this, you need to roll two rings of thick wire and connect from thin racks to make a "pipe". For strength, you can braid it with a thin wire along, but this is not necessary.
    • Make of plastic. We cut off the top of the five-liter bottle, insert the ceiling in the neck - and now, the simplest cover is ready. The main thing, before you begin to leave it for a long time, is to check whether the plastic melts.

    In golden color

    Then it is enough just to decorate the frame so that it becomes a lampshade.

    You can use:
    • the cloth. She just stitched on the frame, like a case. Even unwanted clothes can be used if the interior allows it - for example, if you have a grunge.
    • Paper. It is best to take a dense, fasten either with glue or paper clips.
    • Tapes. On the frame there is some kind of basket.

    If you are fond of knitting, you can cover the frame with knitted patterns.

    The main thing is to ensure that nothing burns, does not melt, and also ensure that everything is combined. The base with the leg, the leg with the canopy, and the lamp as a whole - with the interior, which will surround it.

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    VIDEO: Beautiful and stylish lampshade with your own hands