Quilling - papermaking skill. Workshops for Beginners Step by Step (165+ Photos)


Quilling - the word is not familiar to anyone. And this means it is the manufacture of figures from paper twisted into spirals. Is it really that simple and easy to do? A variety of options will surprise you.

Next, I will tell you how to make beautiful things out of ordinary paper. This kind of activity will help you to brighten up long winter evenings or to make a beautiful thing with your own hands and give it to your beloved one (s). And maybe after my lessons, he will become a hobby for you and will even bring a small income.

But in order to understand what it is, to find out who thought it up, let's dive into the history of quilling.

The content of the article:

  • A bit of history
  • List of required tools
  • Quilling basics for beginners
  • Roll Bar
  • Main elements
  • Complex forms in quilling
  • Quilling flowers
  • Quilling - Snowflake
  • Making women's earrings
  • Making an unusual flower
  • Quilling for children
  • Master class for children - ladybug
  • Butterfly
  • Quilling in kindergartens
  • Some tips missed earlier
  • A bit of history
  • List of required tools
  • Quilling basics for beginners
  • Main elements
  • Complex forms in quilling
  • Quilling for children
  • Some tips missed earlier
  • A bit of history

    This art form was coined by monks in Europe in the middle ages. When they cut off the edges of the books with gilding and wound them on the ends of the feathers of birds. Thus it turned out something like a golden thumbnail.

    Making figures out of paper twisted into spirals

    Hence the name quilling. From the English word "quill", which translates as "bird feather." At the very beginning, they were engaged in poor churches, especially in the 19th century, quilling was a favorite occupation of noble ladies.

    In the twentieth century, he was forgotten. And at the end of the last century, quilling began to return to people's homes as a hobby.

    As a result of his walking around the world, began to form their own schools in each country. And every nation brought something to its own in this kind of art. For example, Eastern schools differ from European ones in the complexity of patterns, which allows Eastern people to create masterpieces of art.

    And the Korean school differs from the European one in that when the paper is wound, the rod is not used, and everything is done manually. The work of the Korean school is very complex. Here, this art became popular in the late twentieth century.

    The art form was coined by monks in Europe in the middle ages.

    Therefore, few of us know the details of this art form. I will introduce you to the basics of this art form, give advice, give examples and try to give you all my knowledge. Let's start with the basics.

    But before you begin to engage in this type of creativity you need to prepare. That is, to purchase the necessary tools for the job.

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    List of required tools

    Below I have given a list of required tools if we want to create all kind of beauty out of paper.

    • Long and narrow strips of colored paper.
    • Glue.
    • Small scissors.
    • Core for the rolls of rolls.
    • Tweezers.
    • Officer line. If not, then the pattern of paper with a grid and radii.

    You can not spend on the purchase of sets for quilling. And make the necessary tools from home appliances.

    This beauty is not expensive

    To do this, fit the usual female nail scissors with straight ends, awl or toothpick. Between the two ends of the scissors you need to put a long strip of paper, squeeze gently so as not to cut and wind. With an awl and a toothpick do a little differently: on the end of the awl to lie down the edge of the paper and adheres to the finger, and the rest of the strip is wound on it with the other hand.

    Now, knowing and keeping next to us the tools that we need, we can move on to learning the basics of quilling.

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    Quilling basics for beginners

    Production of paper products from a drawing begins. In this kind of art, drawing is a scheme according to which in the future an unusual craft will be made that can bring a bit of brightness and unforgettableness to your interior. To begin with, we will look at how simple schemes are drawn and which of them make magic crafts using the example of making a snowflake.

    A wonderful gift with your own hands

    We will need:

    • Pencil.
    • Color paper.
    • Scissors.

    Now take the A4 paper and fold the sheet so that it is a right triangle. Cut off the unnecessary part and fold three times. Then we draw patterns on it and cut them out.

    When we have mastered the initial and simple technique of making crafts, which we have discussed above, we turn to more complex ones. Let's learn how to make rolls. He is the main element in the technique of quilling.

    Appetizing work of art

    We will need:

    • Color paper.
    • Pencil.
    • PVA glue.
    • Scissors.
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    Roll Bar

    At the very beginning, it is necessary to outline with a pencil the future composition on the blank for a greeting card or the place where this product will be located at the end. The next thing we need to do is roll. To do this, we need to take a thin and long strip of paper and wind it onto a specially prepared rod.

    After this, we have to let the roll bloom. The end of the roll must be carefully glued to the spiral, which turned out. Now you can give any kind of roll, be it a drop, a heart or a month.

    Decorate any home

    BoardIn order not to be smeared with glue, it is necessary to put it on the details of the product quite a bit. This can be done with a toothpick.

    Sold a special paper for quilling. Use it better.

    And so we got to the main elements of quilling.

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    Main elements

    Now let's look at what parts are creations in quilling. Any work begins with tight spiral. This is the first element in quilling when preparing a product.

    Above, when we did roll, in fact we used this element. But then we did not know its true name. Now we know that.

    Repeat the process of creating a tight spiral. A rod is taken, a strip of narrow paper is wound onto it. And the tip of the latter gently glued to the spiral.

    Beautiful heart

    For information
    • If you are right handed, you need to hold the strip with your left hand, and the rod with the right.
    • If the strip is two-sided, then the back part of it should face the rod.
    • The rod must be rotated clockwise.
    The next element is the "free spiral". It is also made as a "tight spiral". But after we finished winding it up, you need to remove the helix from the rod and give it a little unwind.

    Now we have learned how to create various kinds of spirals. The “curl” figure is created using the same technology. But at the end of the work, the tip of the paper tape does not stick and hangs freely in the air.

    In this technique, you can perform any name.

    In order to make a drop, you need to squeeze one part of the "free spiral" form with your fingers and hold for a few seconds. This is done so that the figure takes the form of a drop. You can also bend the tip of the shape of the "drop", getting a slightly different element "curved drop".BoardIf you are just starting to learn quilling - never take your time!

    Well, we have considered simple forms of quilling. Now it's time to move on to more difficult ones. Such forms are obtained from two or more folded together.

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    Complex forms in quilling

    The complex element "horns" is created from two "free spirals" twisted in different directions.

    For him, take a long strip of paper and breaks in half. The right side is wound in one direction, the left - in the opposite direction. Such an element can be attached to a fun greeting card.

    Underwater theme - decorate the house near the sea

    The next figure will be the "heart".

    It is done in the same way as the "horns". Only the directions in which spirals wind in change. And the junction is clamped with your fingers. This type of product is ideal for decorating a gift for your girlfriend or spouse.

    The next in difficulty will be the "crescent".

    It is made from a simple form of "eyes" only the opposite corners are bent upwards. It turns out something like the letter "C". For the form which in psychology designates the leader, namely for the triangle the "free spiral" is taken. Then it is compressed in three parts with fingers and held for some time.

    The next element is obtained from the shape of a triangle.

    For this it is necessary to bend two opposite sides to the center. And we get "paws". For the manufacture of the form "square" I take the "free spiral". Then squeeze it in four parts, so as to get a square.

    Suitable for decorating a child

    So we got acquainted with the basic forms of products in quilling. And now we know what tools we need for this kind of creativity. And we have a certain base, which will allow us to proceed to the creation of more complex products.

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    Quilling flowers

    These flowers will serve the beginning master of quilling a kind of transition from simple to complex. In fact, this is not the most difficult product, but it has many simple elements that complicate the manufacture of the product. Thus, the novice creator gets invaluable experience and beauty in his own home-made home.

    To create such colors, you need to make a "drop" of "free spiral". And in order for the petals of flowers to have a different color, you will need colored paper.

    As you can see the heart of the flower is created from the "free spiral". Further, the heart of the flower is first glued to a postcard or to the surface that you intend to decorate. Around this figure, I glue the "drops" that I have already made.

    Drops are a kind of petals. They can do one color, and you can different colors.

    The more different colors in the product, the more beautiful and brighter it will look. The main thing - do not overdo it with color.

    You can also decorate a postcard with a heart or eye shape. It will be a very nice gift on the eighth of March for the beloved one.

    So we learned how to make more complex products. Now let's go back to the snowflakes. Only this time I will complicate the task.

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    Quilling - Snowflake

    Here we are back to the topic of making snowflakes. This time we will make a quilling snowflake. It differs from the simple more complex form and patterns. To your taste and color, such snowflakes can be either multi-colored or white, or with an admixture of blue hue.

    For the manufacture of such New Year snowflakes, we need:

    • Quilling paper.
    • Pins.
    • Stencil.
    • Glue.
    • Kernel.

    Christmas decoration

    At the very beginning it is necessary to draw a template according to which they will be made. It is necessary to divide the paper strips in half. There should be three. Then I twist the first helix. Then I insert it into the hole of the stencil. It is necessary to make the rest of the spirals the same size. Therefore, I find out that the hole is one centimeter, which means the other four spirals will be the same size.

    In order not to damage the workpiece, I carefully pull it out with a toothpick and then give it a little unwind. And only after that I stick the tip to the spiral. Then these blanks are placed in the center of the pre-drawn layout.

    For beginners, it is advisable to use pins to attach the spirals to the layout. And then they can be glued together.

    The next model I do is the “eye”. Then around one helix I spread several "eyes." And then glued. Then I make a tight spiral. The principle of its creation, I told above, so I will not repeat. And stick it to the tops of snowflakes. This will be the final element. You can see the result in the figure above.

    BoardFor beginners, it may be difficult to make free-spiral models non-spinable. Therefore, it is necessary to shift the center of the helix to the edge and press it. You can even put a little glue.

    When the snowflake is ready, you can hang it on the Christmas tree or attach it to the window. Such products will always give you warmth and joy. And making such things with your own hands will give you confidence in your abilities and a feeling of elevation of strength and mood.

    More difficult option snowflakes

    Now we have learned how to make complex snowflakes. The next step will be the manufacture of decorative jewelry in the form of charming ladies' earrings. They are perfect for a birthday present for your girlfriend.

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    Making women's earrings

    To create such a beloved by our women, jewelry, we need:

    • Color paper. I will have blue and white colors.
    • Scissors.
    • Quilling rod.
    • Quilling board.
    • PVA glue.
    • Pencil.

    At the very beginning, in order for such costume jewelry to turn out to be symmetrical, I will have to imagine what the earrings will look like and draw a diagram on paper. This scheme will serve as a template for gluing various parts.

    Please your loved one

    Step-by-step instruction
    • I cut six strips one centimeter wide out of blue paper and glue them together.
    • From white paper, three strips and glued to the end of the resulting tape of blue stripes. And I complement it with glued together three strips of blue paper. So I do it twice to make two long ribbons.
    • Then, with the help of a rod, I turn them into a "tight spiral" shape. We took apart the creation of this form at the very beginning.
    • I make the same tapes again, just cut the strips in two. That is, instead of six strips, I cut four of the blue paper, three of the white paper, and leave and glue them together, adding two strips and blue paper at the end.
    • With the help of the rod, I also turn this tape into a "tight spiral". Only now it turned out to be smaller than the first. And create another such spiral.

    A nice gift for Valentine's Day

    Do not rush, this technique does not like when in a hurry.

    Step-by-step instruction
    • And the third time I deal with paper exactly the same as the first two times, only the number of strips of the first blue ribbons is reduced to two.
    • Again, I turn the created tape into a "tight spiral". As for the first time, I will need two such spirals. You probably already guessed why I needed pair forms of quilling. Of course, because ladies' earrings should be two pieces! Now I spread the prepared forms on the template already created earlier and glue them together.
    • Last but not least, I cut a few more strips of blue paper, glue them together and twist them with a rod. But now I’m turning the form not a “tight spiral”, but into a “free spiral” and clamping it along the edges with my fingers and slightly stretching it to form an “eye” shape.
    • I make four kinds of such shapes. Two for each earring and paste according to the template.
    • The final stage will be threading the ring from the fastener through the holes in the shape of "eyes". The figure below shows how I have got an excellent beauty.

    Like any woman

    So we learned how to create complex and beautiful ladies' jewelry. Let's now try to make an unusual flower quilling.

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    Making an unusual flower

    Now we come to more serious things. I'll tell you and show you how to make a volumetric quilling flower. To do this, you need to purchase or get already prepared tools, namely:

    • White A4 paper.
    • Scissors usual and figured.
    • Yellow mascara and red paint.
    • Sponge, knife, pencil.
    • Glue, pipette, quilling rod.

    Flower from hearts

    Step-by-step instruction
    • I take a sheet of white paper and divide it into strips of three centimeters wide. Then I cut them and glue one after the other strips in length. The result is one long tape.
    • Now we need to paint it. Pipette paint on the sponge. Apply yellow mascara on one half of the sponge and red paint on the other half.
    • Then we paint our prepared long white paper tape with a sponge. And after the paint dries on paper, we cut a pattern with curly scissors. What you should get can be seen in the picture.
    • Now turn to the creation of petals for our little flower. They must be cut so that both the petals and the corners sticking out between them. At the same time, it is necessary to leave four millimeters at the edge uncut, so that the tape does not tear. As shown in the picture below.
    • Then I make a heart for a flower. To do this, I twist a strip of paper for quilling into a tight spiral. The diameter of the roll must match the diameter of the pencil.

    If the diameter is smaller, then you can safely add another tape.

    More complex, voluminous crafts

    Apply glue only to the uncut edge!Step-by-step instruction
    • The next step in creating the flower will be glueing the dyed tape with glue from the side of applying the paint.
    • Then I glue the petals of the flower with the core, as shown in the figure.
    • After the flower is twisted, it is necessary to glue its bottom with PVA glue to make sure that it will not crumble in the future.
    • Now I take a flower from a rod and use my fingers to straighten its edges. The result was such a miracle.
    • Of course, at your discretion - you can straighten the edges, but you can not. I straightened them in order to insert a "pistil" there, and thus a flower to make a flower more like a real one.
    • I cut off a part of a sharpened pencil, grease the cut part with glue and insert it into the center of the flower. That's what we do!

    Bright composition

    Any of these products can decorate cards on the first school day of the year, to please the child with its beauty and singularity.

    Prior to this, we considered the technique of quilling for adults. But you can attract children to this handicraft. Thus, they will develop the breadth and originality of thinking.

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    Quilling for children

    According to psychologists and children's pediatricians, modern children now have poorly developed motor skills in their hands and fingers. For them, it is difficult to properly and firmly hold a pen or pencil in your hand.

    Therefore, it is difficult for them to learn standard skills and simple self-service in life. Quilling for children contributes to the development of motility of this type. At the same time, he raises the level of logical thinking.

    Easy to make a child

    The development of fine motor skills helps to increase attention and memory in the child. All this will be extremely necessary for him in his future life, and the quilling technique can help a lot with this.

    It also helps to cultivate in the child diligence, accuracy, aesthetics of taste. We must begin, of course, with simple things.

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    Master class for children - ladybug

    To create a ladybug we need the following materials:

    • Cardboard sheet.
    • Color paper.
    • Winding rod.
    • PVA glue.
    • Scissors.


    Step-by-step instruction
    • At the very beginning, I cut a ladybird's body out of cardboard - a semicircular oval. Then from the sheet of red colored paper I make an oval in the shape of the body and cut off the lower part as shown in the figure.
    • Now I prepare the bottom of the light yellow sheet and glue on the cardboard. Then I take and cut a long black strip and glue in the center of the cardboard.
    • When the oval of the body for the "ladybug" is ready, you can proceed to the "paper twisting". From the "free spirals" will be black dots on the body of a ladybug. Then I paste these created forms onto cardboard.

    A six-year-old child can make such a simple hand-made article. After making simple shapes, you can move on to more complex ones.

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    To create a butterfly, we need the following materials:

    • Color paper.
    • Sewing needles.
    • Scissors.
    • PVA glue.
    • Quilling board.

    Now let's start creating.

    Shades of paper colors should be combined.Step-by-step instruction
    • Let's make wings for a butterfly. For this, I will cut three strips of long strips of paper, but not identical in size. And of course I will make them from sheets of different colors.
    • Then I glue the strips together. And since I cut them of different lengths, I start with a short one and end it with a long one.

    Create a decoration with your own hands

    Step-by-step instruction
    • Then I gently twist them. It is necessary that the shortest strip remains inside. And I stick the remaining free tip from the outside.
    • I insert the resulting spirals into the holes of the quilling board, where they unwind freely and take the desired shape.
    • Then I press the center of the helix to one side and stick all the strips to the same side. I create the body from two spirals. I turn one helix into the shape of an “eye”, and leave the other in the shape of a “free helix”. The "eye" will serve as the body, and the "free spiral" the head of the butterfly.
    • Now I glue one end of the shape of the "eye" with the shape of the "free spiral", and then I glue the wings to the resulting torso, the creation of which we took apart a little higher.

    It can decorate the interior of the living room or children's room.

    Now, in order to make her truly indistinguishable from the real one, I need to attach the antennae to her.

    For this, I take two strips of paper and create a curl shape out of them. And stick to the butterfly's head. Here is such a beautiful butterfly.

    It can decorate the interior of the living room or children's room. Such figures are suitable even for interior decoration in kindergartens and assembly halls of schools for the matinee.

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    Quilling in kindergartens

    In Soviet times, much was devoted to the development of children at preschool age. In the nineties, such topics began to decline. Now many kindergartens have resumed their work, becoming, of course, private.

    But, if you are the head of the kindergarten, or maybe you just want your child to learn this handicraft, you can conduct quilling classes with the kids. It will be interesting for children and will develop their thinking processes before entering school at the proper level. With the help of such a technique, they will learn to think quickly and abstractly.

    Lamb baby handles

    The program of work with children in kindergartens consists of severalups:

    • Children need to be taught to cut and create simple shapes, at the same time, talking about where they came from and how this kind of needlework came about.
    • Children need to be taught to create the simplest form of “free spiral” at the beginning and help to stick it on the basis of various applications such as “ladybug”, “fruit tree”.
    • Then you need to master the form of "drop". To teach how to apply this form in such applications as rain, flowers.
    • The next type of training will be the transition from simple to complex forms. That is, now the child must be taught to create the shape of a "triangle" and "eye." His final work in the form of the exam should be making a simple palm.
    • Now it is necessary to close