How interesting, stylish and original to decorate a room for the New Year of 2019 with your own hands (230+ Photos): Incredibly beautiful interior features in every house


You can decorate the room for the New Year in such a way as to create comfort for your relatives, and at the same time surprise everyone. But when it comes time to prepare, very often we do not know where to start. What is the main attribute of the holiday? In this article you will get acquainted with a huge number of original ideas for decoration. Learn how to prepare for the holiday room and windows in it. So, everything in detail below.

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  • Where to begin?
  • The main attribute of the holiday
  • Edible decorations
  • Photo
  • Flowers
  • Artificial snow
  • New Year's windows
  • Garlands
  • Colored paper
  • Garland of natural materials
  • Garland of photos
  • Macaroni decoration
  • Other original ideas
  • Hallway decoration
  • Festive Cake
  • Cones
  • Bouquets
  • Balloons
  • VIDEO: Interesting options for your decor
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Where to begin?
  • The main attribute of the holiday
  • New Year's windows
  • Garlands
  • Other original ideas
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Where to begin?

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    Preparation of the room for the holiday should begin with careful planning. Some do not pay attention to this issue at all, considering it unimportant. Others focus all their attention on thinking about the menu, buying groceries and preparing a festive dinner.

    How to decorate a room you need to plan before

    In fact, it is precisely by preparing and decorating a room that you can create a truly warm atmosphere. Those who love their loved ones and try to surround them with care and attention, always find the strength and time to decorate their apartment or house.

    The first thing to do is to do a general cleaning. After all, if the room is not clean, then any decoration will look ridiculous. No one has repealed the rule "How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it". Therefore, you need to make an effort to meet the New Year clean.

    Christmas attributes are always in trend

    After that, you can break to decorate the room. First you need to evaluate the room itself and the possibilities. If the room to which guests will be invited is large and spacious, you can safely give a flight of fancy.

    If it is small and there is no particularly free space, then it is necessary to proceed from the size of the jewelry. For example, you can use the following ideas that take up little space.

    Consider the size of the room

    Some of them are small in size, others are generally attached to windows or the ceiling, so do not take up much space.

    It is also important to choose a color scheme. It is unlikely that someone will decide to glue the wallpaper or drastically change the design of the room, so you need to push off from those colors that are already present.

    The main thing is that it is bright and beautiful.

    New Year's atmosphere should not be monotonous, boring, but also go to extremes, combining many colors for decorations at the same time, also not worth it.

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    The main attribute of the holiday

    Even a small child will say that the main symbol of the New Year is the Christmas tree. Each is faced with the question of which is better to buy - artificial or live. In order to save, many decide to buy an artificial Christmas tree and use it for many years.

    The main attribute of the holiday is the non-replaceable tree.

    Others would love to do this, but there is no place to store it. And yet many people in our country do not represent the New Year without a lively Christmas tree, the scent of which fills the entire house.

    Virtually all decoration options are suitable for both living and artificial Christmas trees. Decorating ordinary glass toys is considered obsolete, so you can use one of the modern ideas.

    We decorate with glass toys

    BoardIt is not necessary to completely replace the toys with it, you can simply combine several decor options.

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    Edible decorations

    The easiest way to make candy. You can take both small-sized candies and larger chocolate bars. However, this flight of fantasy is not worth limiting. Some cookies or cakes are round, so it's hard to hang them. And if it is home baking, this decor will definitely create a cozy atmosphere.

    Very tasty decorations

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    If the New Year is found in the family circle, you can hang pictures on the tree. It is not necessary to use frames. Each photo can be simply decorated with a little rain. Everyone who comes to the holiday, will admire themselves, looking at the Christmas tree. BUT if you make it a surprise by preparing photos in advance, then everyone will be surprised.

    A memorable idea to use photos

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    Why not? Only truly creative will take up the idea of ​​combining the incompatible.

    Even the flowers here will not be superfluous

    The only caveat - the flowers are better to choose those that do not wilt immediately. It is better to pick a place in advance where fresh flowers are sold for sure and to decorate the Christmas tree with them just before the arrival of the guests.

    BoardSome decide not to be limited to one tree. You can build "additional" Christmas trees, for example, putting them rain on the wall. Even from the products you can lay out the shape of a Christmas tree, the main thing - to include ingenuity.

    Good idea christmas tree on the wall

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    Artificial snow

    New Year is associated not only with the tree, but also with snow. Unfortunately, mother nature does not indulge us with real festive weather every year. Sometimes you have to go to meet the New Year in rubber boots, under an umbrella. Therefore, the idea to make artificial snow is always relevant.

    Artificial snow is always up to date

    From foam

    Yes, gutting foam will have a long time. But, given that there is an unnecessary sheet in the house (for example, all the equipment is packed when it is sold), then this decor will cost free. You can crush the foam with your hands, or you can with a float or even a fork. Artificial snow can be poured under the tree, on wrapped gifts under it. You can also strung balls of foam on the fishing line, making a decoration for the chandelier. Although it is troublesome, but very beautiful.

    Snow foam looks spectacular

    From toilet paper

    Such artificial snow will suit more to make snowballs from it to decorate a Christmas tree, or to make other figures. We put paper on small pieces, put it in a microwave bowl, put a piece of white soap on top. Put the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute, take out the material and add a glass of water to it. Mash hands, like plasticine. After that go to the modeling of the selected figures.

    Painting of toilet paper

    BoardDecorating with artificial snow can be different New Year's merchandise. For example, snow foam can glue the bottle, both decorative and those in which there is champagne.

    To do this, just pre-coat them with glue. Candlesticks and other items on the holiday table can be decorated in the same way.

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    New Year's windows

    There are many ways to decorate windows. New Year is not the holiday where you can just shut it down. Sooner or later, guests will come to the window - enjoy the weather outside the window or watch the fireworks. Yes, and from the street decorated windows look special, especially in private homes. Any owners will be pleased that people passing by their homes admire the beauty.

    We decorate the windows for the New Year

    The most popular way to decorate windows is with their own snowflakes. On the Internet you can find a lot of techniques for their production, so that you can make masterpieces. Also look beautiful pictures on the windows.

    The stores on the eve of the New Year sell special stickers that are easy to apply and just as easily removed. However, it is much better when someone from the family paints the glass himself. You do not need to be an artist to do this - even simple stains in snow-white tones will look appropriate, and resemble the "creativity" of nature in frosty weather.

    Draw this beauty with your own hands

    You can also decorate the windows by placing the decor on the windowsills. It can be bouquets of Christmas tree branches and cones, candles, Christmas balls and all that is left after the decoration of the Christmas tree. Some decorate the windows on the street side, however, this can be done only if the weather allows. For example, you can hang a garland, the light of which will be visible in the room.

    We arrange the decor on the windowsill

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    Everybody has a garland. They decorate not only houses, but also office, shops, trees in parks. Generally, you won't surprise anyone with a usual garland with colorful small bulbs.

    Favorite Garlands

    It is possible to supplement the usual garland or even replace it with the help of independent work. A lot of material is not required for this. Some families have traditions every year on the eve of the New Year holidays to make garlands with their own hands. To do this, you can use these ideas.

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    Colored paper

    Preparing a stencil can be the easiest, it can be a circle with a diameter of about 6 cm. Cut circles in different colors and then it remains only to fasten them. To do this, you can take a fishing line or thread. The circles are placed on them with a needle or glued. You can make one long garland, and you can make a few small ones. You can decorate them with a window, a Christmas tree, a chandelier, curtains.

    Can be made from multicolored paper

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    Garland of natural materials

    A few days before decorating the room, start collecting sandpaper from tangerines, oranges and lemons. Then, when the time is right, any figures can be cut out of them with a clerical knife. Original stars or hearts. Stringed cut figures on a thread with a needle. Despite the fact that such a garland is far from durable, because the skin will lose its shape the very next day, this idea is very original.

    "Delicious" garland from natural materials

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    Garland of photos

    Especially comfortable it looks over the fireplace. To do this, you just need to stretch the thread and attach the photos with the help of clothespins. This idea is great for couples who meet the New Year together. If you want to surprise, prepare joint photos in advance and make a garland of them.

    You can use photos if you celebrate in a close circle of friends or relatives

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    Macaroni decoration

    Lazy people also have the opportunity to make a garland with their own hands, spending literally 10 minutes on it. To do this, do not even need scissors, glue and stencils. It's about pasta. Yes, you can make an original garland from ordinary curly pasta.

    Creative with ordinary pasta

    In supermarkets, you can buy curly pasta, which have a natural basis. As a rule, they are also multi-colored. Taking advantage of them to decorate a room is one of the most creative ideas, an embodiment.

    Pasta toys

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    Other original ideas

    When decorating rooms for the New Year, you can embody any ideas that came to mind. Here are some of them:

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    Hallway decoration

    Decoration of the hallway also takes time, because when a guest crosses the threshold of the house, he should immediately have a feeling that he was in a festive atmosphere. The best decoration in this case is the decor of the front door. You can use the standard wreath of coniferous branches or garlands.

    Beautiful door with New Year's decoration

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    Festive Cake

    In modern bakeries can depict absolutely any subject on the cake, creating a masterpiece from it. You can make New Year's figures from mastic - Father Frost, Snow Maiden, candles, a Christmas tree, in general, everything that you can imagine. The only caveat - you need to take care of this in advance. Considering that the preparation for the New Year begins from the beginning of December, then it is at this time that it is worthwhile to look for a master.

    Mastic figures

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    Natural buds produce a distinctive fragrance that is very persistent. Of them you can make a lot of fakes, you can ask the children about it. A good idea would be to just put the cones around the house. They can be added to pots with potted plants, on window sills, shelves, etc ...

    Even such bumps can drastically change the interior.

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    For some reason, unlike other holidays, it is not customary to give flowers on the New Year. This can take care of the owners of the house, ordering the original design of the New Year's bouquet. In flower studios this idea will not surprise anyone. They perform such compositions that look just magical. As a rule, at the heart of the bouquet is a Christmas tree branch, anything can be added to it:

    • cones;
    • Natural flowers;
    • fruits and vegetables;
    • corrugated paper flowers;
    • Stuffed Toys.

    Christmas bouquets look beautiful

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    The most suitable such decoration will be for a holiday with children. You can buy balls in the form of numbers and lay out the coming year, you can buy in the form of an animal - the symbol of the New Year. Also festively look balloons inflated with helium, inside which are filled with multi-colored sequins.

    Beautiful decoration for the holiday

    Even if, because of the pre-Christmas fuss, it seems to you that it is not necessary to decorate a room for the holiday, it is still worth it. And then the happy, shining faces of the guests will surpass all expectations.

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