Crafts for the New Year 2019 do-it-yourself (120+ Photos) - Surprise loved ones with your imagination (+ Reviews)


Realize your imagination, make crafts for the New Year 2019, spending a minimum of time, as well as real money. Today we will tell how to make a snowman from a sock, Santa Claus, a tree of pasta and much more. Detailed workshops will help you do everything quickly and correctly.

Content of this article:

  • The advantages of handmade products
  • Felt Decoration
  • Santa Claus from a spoon and sponge
  • Salt dough toys
  • Sock snowman
  • Christmas tree of pasta
  • Crafts from light bulbs
  • VIDEO: Beautiful snowman do it yourself
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • The advantages of handmade products
  • Felt Decoration
  • Santa Claus from a spoon and sponge
  • Salt dough toys
  • Sock snowman
  • Christmas tree of pasta
  • Crafts from light bulbs
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • The advantages of handmade products

    For some, any homework is a memory from the past, when in kindergarten or school teachers were forced to make knick-knacks. They were rated for, but their parents often do this work for their children, which is why, when they grow up, they do not know how to make jewelry with their own hands.

    Crafts for the New Year do it yourself

    In fact, hand-made is very popular in many developed countries. Decorating a home with handicrafts can not only demonstrate your skills, but also show love for your loved ones. In addition, handmade Christmas crafts have other advantages:

    • Originality. You have noticed how in many stores on the eve of the New Year the same toys are sold, which differ only in price. Coming to visit friends, relatives, you can observe the "classics": some rains, figurines, calendars and other purchase attributes. Compared to them, handmade items look original, attracting the views of all the guests.
    • Efficiency. Most handicrafts can be made from scrap materials, and if you have to buy some, as a rule, they are not expensive.
    • Care. If you do not be lazy and take the time to make New Year crafts, then your family will appreciate them. If you carry the finished work to decorate the workplace or give the child to school, others will appreciate your work.

    Cost-effective and self-made personality

    Christmas crafts can be used not only for one year, but for several, and they are stored no worse than the purchased ones. Therefore, do not think that doing them is meaningless or impractical.

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    Felt Decoration

    To make a dog with your own hands so that it looks solid, you can with the help of artificial fur. Do not rush to refuse, saying that you definitely do not have such material, but you are not going to buy it. In fact, unnecessary fur can be found in almost any home, at least a pair of old boots, which are a pity to throw, go old grandfather's jacket, most likely, there will definitely be.

    Use white faux fur for crafts

    It is best to use white faux fur, as such dogs will look especially festive.

    It is necessary to prepare such materials:

    • faux fur;

    Faux fur for future crafts

    • felt;

    Gray felt for the main part of crafts

    • Buttons for mouth, nose and peephole;

    Choosing eyes and nose for dogs

    • Super glue.

    Components can be obtained from old things. Buttons are available in the household for everyone, so suitable ones are easy to find. Finding felt is more difficult, and in itself this material is expensive.. Therefore, it can be replaced by other means, for example, a viscose napkin used for cleaning. It is cheap, and the feel is very similar to felt.

    You can replace the felt with viscose napkin

    Production takes place in several stages:

    Look for patterns in the shape of a dog. If you can draw, then making such a simple drawing is easy for you. If not, ready-made templates are easy to find on the Internet. We apply the finished sample to the felt, cut out. The basis of felt in the form of a dog is ready.

    Cut a template from the felt

    Gradually put on the prepared area superglue and neatly, better with tweezers, glue the fur with parts. We sew buttons, making out the animal's face. Here you can turn on the fantasy: add not only standard eyes, mouth and nose, but also make a beautiful collar or bow. A couple of dogs looks originally: a boy with a butterfly + a girl with a bow.

    We get the finished crafts with their own hands

    Of course, doing such work is not easy, especially without special sewing skills. Therefore, first it is better to carefully study the stages, honestly evaluate your strength and, if necessary, practice on the draft version of the product. The result exactly justifies the effort, because the souvenirs with the symbol of the year are always in trend.

    Study all the steps for making toys from felt

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    Santa Claus from a spoon and sponge

    Such a simple idea of ​​making Santa Claus is one of the simplest, but at the same time original. If you do everything right, you can be sure that no one will guess which materials you used. You can perform this work with your child, and the process goes through several stages:

    Prepare a disposable spoon, it can be both transparent and white. The face of Santa Claus will be the wide part with which we eat, and the pen itself will depict a characteristic hat.

    It will take a plastic spoon

    We smear with glue (it is advisable to use superglue, then not a single New Year's holiday will serve as a souvenir) a spoon on the inside, but not all, but a pen and only the beginning of its wide part. From above we wind a red thread. It is advisable to take a woolen or any other wide, then it will be easy to wind, and it will look neater.

    Wrap the red thread on the spoon

    We fix the edges of the thread with a glue stick, slightly sticking them under the already glued layers. We take two sponges, glue them together, one of them is bent, but not in half, and so that one part is smaller. It will be at the bottom and it will be a smile that you need to draw a red marker, taking them along the fold line.

    Draw a smile to the future of Santa Claus

    Glue sponges to the wide part of the spoon, so that the "cap" or red thread is lying flat. We attach eyes and a red nose typical of Santa Claus.

    Santa Claus with his own hands

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    Salt dough toys

    For some, it's amazing that you can make New Year's doughs crafts. In fact, this material is often used for making souvenirs; working with it is similar to modeling with clay or clay. So, for the preparation of the test will need:

    • 6 tablespoons of flour;
    • 12 tablespoons of salt;
    • 3 teaspoons of water.

    We combine all the ingredients

    Such a large amount of salt is a guarantee that the dough will become elastic. To knead it, first mix the dry ingredients, and then add water in portions, mix everything. The result is a soft, homogeneous mass.

    Knead until smooth and soft mass

    Some types of flour are stiff, so if necessary, the amount of water may increase.

    Roll out the dough until its thickness is 4-5 mm. After that we select a suitable recess for it. On the eve of the New Year holidays in many stores they sell molds in the form of Christmas trees, snowmen, toys and other thematic figures. By purchasing at least one of them, each next holiday you can make crafts from salt dough.

    Extrude the figures using the molds.

    Most needlewomen especially love to make a Christmas tree figurine, choosing the right shape. After using it to squeeze out the dough figure, it must be left for a day, so that it should dry.

    If you do not wait for this time, the product will not last for a long time, most likely in a couple of days it will completely crumble.

    Herringbone from colored salt dough

    After waiting a day, you can begin to decorate the product with paints, it is best to choose thick, for example, gouache. If a souvenir made from salt dough has the shape of a Christmas tree, then a green background is applied first as a base, and then bright colors are used to make patterns.

    The product dries quickly, so that after half an hour it can be carried to school, put on the windowsill as a decoration or even arranged on a festive table.

    Paint the Christmas tree with your child

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    Sock snowman

    Another original idea of ​​a festive souvenir with your own hands. If you carry out all the processes carefully, no one will guess that this is not a purchased trinket. For this we need:

    • white sock;
    • Super glue;
    • rice;
    • Buttons, threads, needles for a decor.

    Prepare all the list

    To begin with, we prepare a sock: we cut it into two parts so that one of them has a top, a heel and a few centimeters of the foot. It is important that the sock was clean, snow-white, because if you take the old, well-worn, then the snowman will turn out to be appropriate. We fasten the end of the sock along which the cutting line passes, separating a small amount of fabric from above.

    Cut the sock as shown in the photo.

    After that, fill the snowman with rice, it is advisable to choose a round, so that the grains do not stick out. You can use any cereal, but rice is best evenly distributed and it is easy to give the desired shape to the product.

    Fill the sock with rice

    We put the snowman on the table, divide it into two parts with his hand, squeezing the sock in the middle, fasten this place. Then we form the head, also linking the top.

    We form the body and head of a snowman

    Go to the decor: sewing buttons, make eyes, nose and mouth, you can also make the legs and everything that is enough imagination. Taking a small piece of fabric, you can make a scarf, thus hiding the tied thread. The remaining piece of the sock can also be applied by making a hat out of it, then the knitted tail on top will also hide.

    Making eyes, nose and mouth

    When making a snowman from a sock, it is necessary to select threads to match things: if a thing is white, then they should be like that. This rule must be followed in the manufacture of other crafts, so that they are neat.

    New decor for the New Year is ready

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    Christmas tree of pasta

    Some crafts can be made from the available products. Pasta come in different shapes and some of them can be used for handwork, the bows look original. No matter what type of product will be used, even the cheapest ones will look beautiful, the main thing is to decorate the trinket correctly.

    Prepare the necessary materials for crafts

    As a basis, you can use a regular cardboard, rolled up in the form of a cone, then fastened with a stapler or superglue. If you have a plastic glass at home, you can also use it by removing the leg from it. PAfter selecting the base, proceed to gluing the pasta, clinging them as close as possible to each other.

    We place the pasta tightly to each other

    It is necessary to place pasta-bows in a checkerboard pattern in order to avoid gaps.

    Paste the whole cone with pasta

    Then we put the Christmas tree on a stand, which can serve as a small candlestick or a spool of thread, preferably in black or brown.

    The bottom of the glass will serve as a stand.

    After that, paint the Christmas tree in green.

    Paints herringbone in green

    To make such an article look festive, you can decorate it, for example, with tinsel from the rain. If you have pasta of a different shape, you can also use them, having painted it in a different color, preferably gold or silver.

    Pasta of other shapes, painted in gold color

    If the Christmas tree is made of pasta bows, pasta wheels will look original on it.

    We get a smart Christmas tree with your own hands

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    Crafts from light bulbs

    If during the whole year the blown bulbs are not thrown away, but collected, then by December they can accumulate a sufficient amount. All of them can be used to create original crafts that can be used to decorate the room, as well as hang on the Christmas tree.

    DIY decor for the Christmas tree

    The easiest way to use light bulbs is to imagine what they look like in form. Many of those who have already successfully applied this idea say that it is easiest to make a snowman or a penguin from a bulb, because the contours of the lamp resemble the contours of these New Year's characters. To finish the decoration, you need to take the paint and just decorate it with the right colors.

    Snowball from a conventional light bulb

    The top layer of paint must be fixed, for this you can use the construction varnish or what is used for hair. The advantage of such techniques is that there are no templates, and all that is needed is your imagination. If it's difficult to draw yourself, you can find a template on the Internet or just a drawing that is easy to draw by repeating the contours.

    A wonderful penguin from a bulb on a Christmas tree

    Also look bright light bulbs that are decorated with sparkles. They can be strung on a thread, making the original garland, and you can hang it on the Christmas tree. In this way, you can arrange and small lamps, which have a simple oblong shape.

    Old light with new shine

    To do this, it is necessary to spread the entire lamp with glue, then quickly dip it into a container with sparkles. You can add beads, rhinestones, any Christmas tinsel, which, for example, has crumbled and will not be used anywhere.

    Individual shiny snowflake elements

    Another simple way to design unnecessary light bulbs is an article with threads. To do this, take the colored threads, smear the lamp with glue, wind them around in a circle, alternating different colors. You can use it as a wide thread, for example, wool, then the work will take less time, and you can thin, acrylic, then the crafts will look brighter and more colorful.

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