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Associations associated with brown are autumnal, natural, have an organic feeling that is guaranteed to bring some welcome warmth to your space. He has a huge variety of colors inside. Rich mahogany brown can make a statement, but soft pale brown, parchment-colored or milky coffee can create a soft, welcoming backdrop for paintings, furniture, and details.

A kitchen that looks solid

Brown Kitchen Ideas

Brown - the color of dark wood, fertile soil. This is a composite color, consisting of a combination of red, black, yellow. It is widely distributed in nature, wood, soil, it is the coloring of human hair, eyes, skin pigmentation.

It includes a mass of tones that continue from light beige to dark brown. Some people will think that brown is too angry or boring to decorate their kitchen, but if everything is done correctly, you will be able to create a pleasant, warm kitchen that will be cozy, comfortable.

There are many ways in which you can turn it into a kitchen, delicately using it on a large scale, for example, for cupboards, flooring, and other basic kitchen components. Shades work well with many different types of metals, textures, trim, technique. You can mix, match different elements, such as window coverings, bar stools, apron, etc. If you like warm brown, learn how to use it in the kitchen, then here are a few ideas.

Classic in dark colors

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Mix old with new

Brown is a great option for combining two types of decoration schemes, such as historical and new style. While brown is often considered an old, more traditional color, you can return it from the “old”, add it to the “new” to make it more modern for today. Advanced appliances with sleek, trendy looks like matte nickel or stainless steel work well with shades of brown.

BoardMix brown cabinets with glass doors or open racks with flooring or travertine apron, as well as granite countertops with a mixture of light and dark brown. Return to menu

Pop colors

Use a spray of color throughout the kitchen to compensate for the dull brown. Red shades always go well with him. Yellow, gray, orange tones are also often used with brown. Fabrics are the best place for accents, for example, on window coverings or seat cushions. Use a splash of color on the pattern of an apron or a lamp that hangs over the kitchen table.

Add bright elements to the interior

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Upgrade your furniture

If you want to create a smart look with a brown color, try choosing more modern furniture, such as a kitchen table, gas stove or sideboard. Find items that will be modern, but not too large.

A large brown table or other large piece of furniture can actually bring too much brown into the kitchen, making it heavier. Modern or painted bar counters, or white with a cream sideboard with glass doors, can successfully decorate your kitchen.

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Combinations of brown

Brown is a serious, down to earth color, which means stability, protection, comfort, support. Since it is solid, durable, mature, men often prefer to use it in interior design.

Lilac in combination with brown

Combining brown with a different color in the interior may be as follows:

  • gray, metallic silver with brown for an unusual neutral look;
  • black, orange-red, whitish with brown for a strong neutral background;
  • pale pink, light brown, beige, black for neutral colors;
  • light brown, orange citrus, a shade of white for earthly vibrations;
  • brown, red, bright teal creates a terrestrial pattern, full of life;
  • shades of brown with shades of gray with dark earthy orange-red - this is a strong male pattern;
  • dark chocolate as a background works great with orange-brown, yellow, and also with gray shades that add lightness.

Bright orange table top

The kitchen is the heart of the house, a place where delicious meals are prepared for the whole family. Good food needs an atmosphere, warmth, which are complemented by the surrounding colors. Consider how each shade affects our kitchen on the example of these thoughtful, carefully selected samples.

We mix brown shades with bright, neutral tones.

Light, dark brown shades still occupy an honorable place in new trends in interior design. They are comfortable, safe, elegant, familiar, well suited for any style, layout, architecture. Light, dark shades are universal, fascinating, which allows you to create a calm, peaceful interior design in neutral colors or experiment with bright color combinations, create personalized home interiors.

Since brown is quite expressive and powerful, even a picture, decorative pillow, flower pot or picture frame in dark brown can beautifully emphasize modern interior design in brighter colors, improving your home interior with strong color contrasts and comfortable feeling. You can place pictures or photos on the walls in shades of brown for an expressive, unexpected effect.

All brown tones work well with black, gray, white jewelery. They look interesting with green, yellow, creating natural, vibrant modern color schemes for the interior. Violet, red, pink, blue - a suitable alternative to emphasize. Return to menu ↑

Brown and white combination

Browns look great with white decor, - white room furniture, lighting system, wall painting, window curtains, floor mats. White makes brown more expressive, emphasizes the contrast, together they are like clean air and moist soil. The combination of cream or any shades of white in kitchen textiles are great for creating balanced, bright and comfortable kitchens.

White makes brown more expressive.

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Gray-brown decor

Brown fits well with any texture, look especially beautiful with natural wood. Place the gray color in a large technique, so that it contrasts brightly with wood. You can also dilute the tree with concrete walls to draw industrial notes into a cozy atmosphere.

Chrome with transparent acrylic, wrought iron with ceramics are perfect for a modern interior design in chocolate tones with other color accents. Gorgeous light, dark shades, dark mocha, coffee, chocolate, bronze, mahogany with ocher, sand or camel hair look pleasant, comfortable.

Brown blends well with any texture


Chestnut walls look best with shades in soft colors. Light brown shades, beige, yellowish brown are perfect for creating a romantic, cozy image, they affect the mood of the room. Bright yellow, emerald green are well suited to create bold, stylish accents, they brighten up modern interior design in neutral shades of brown.

Important. Walls painted chestnut create a unique interior design; they serve as one of the ways to bring a new look to the room, to create unique, very personal home interiors.

Play with contrast

BoardUse light pink, purple or blue color tones, purple, reddish-brown shades for your window curtains, upholstery fabrics, lamp shades, decorative pillows, flower pots, kitchen utensils.

These colors bring interest, enliven the design, which is based on dark and light brown shades.

In the style of minimalism

Textures of natural wood and textiles

Chocolate shade is great for furniture. Solid wood, modern wood materials are in harmony with all the dark, light brown shades. Adding decorative accessories in bright colors creates unique, impressive modern ideas.

Ideas with jute create a stylish retreat in eco-style. Chestnut, in combination with stylish patterns and other light-neutral tones can drastically transform the interior design, surprising with striking details, bringing balance, giving a special look to the interior.

Add creative pictures to a monochrome scheme. Chess, stripes, simple geometric or round ornaments for walls, cabinets, catchy pillows, upholstery, window curtains or kitchen accessories, vases, lamp shades are successful, unique, modern ideas for interior design.

Chocolate shade is great for furniture

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Soft beige and dark brown color combination

Cream, chocolate shades look fabulously romantic, soft. Mixing dark brown with light, such as beige, camel wool, ocher, sand, tan, wheat, as well as the emphasis on modern interior design ideas with light greenish-turquoise, blue, blue offer ways to create spectacular, but cozy, elegant home interiors.

Wooden set

Wooden furniture of natural colors looks comfortable, familiar, well suited for traditional and vintage home interior. But it is also perfect for creating young, fresh, modern interiors that reflect your individuality - just add bold bright colors to the scheme.

Mount on the cabinets natural stone for countertops, so that both materials complement and play with each other.

This kitchen looks cozy

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Tan interior

Yellow means creativity and growth. Bright colors are appropriately softened by an almost neutral brown tint. Yellow is a bright color that has been found to stimulate thought, imagination and creativity.

Stable, solid brown is well suited for yellow. It is also a color that stands for simplicity, comfort. Practical, but with sensual overtones, brown is most suitable for kitchen decor. Brown-yellow cuisine is the focus of consistently creative and satisfying diet.

Yellow is a versatile color that blends very well with the more conservative brown. Well, when Brown serves as an additional in the scheme, because it has a wide variety of shades from rich amber to pale cream. Brighter shades of yellow include:

  • chartreuse;
  • chromium;
  • gold;
  • lemon.

Brown has shades from beige to dark chocolate.

Yellow means creativity and growth.

Warmer shades of yellow, such as cream, butter and lemon paste, go very well with richer, dark brown shades. They give a more traditional look, provide a warm welcome.

You can add:

  • bright pop colors;
  • chartreuse;
  • citrus;
  • gold.

Deeper shades of yellow, such as amber and apricot, look sensational with beige and brown hues. So that this combination does not look bleak, add a few drops of red or green or even black as accents to make it interesting.

The color scheme of the room determines its feeling.

Here is what the designers say about this:

  • "Since brown is a mixture of red, yellow and black, it is a composite color that looks good with yellow, as it is already contained in the composite. Paint the walls with butter and make cabinets and floors under dark mahogany. Use a pale brown “yellow granite for the worktop and finish with an additional brighter shade of the same yellow on the apron. Accents of red on dishes or window frames can add a focal point” - Jordan Dane from Jazz Interiors.
  • “Make the walls beige and add bright lemon or buttercup-yellow cabinets. A vinyl floor with beige, white and yellow patterns will look anti-aircraft. Add an apron in the same yellow shade with black accents on the wall covering, rug and dishes” - Ashley Brown from Pretty Homes.
  • “Amber walls with dark wood cabinets and the same floor look beautiful. Add focal points of beige or cream to make a delicious contrast. The colors blend perfectly and create a really warm and cozy atmosphere” - Sandra Lenon.

Yellow is a universal color.

The color scheme of the room determines its feeling. Yellow and brown cuisine is traditional and warm or sharp and modern. Choose your scheme and start creating. Make your own combos.

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Summer palette green and brown

Green is essentially summer color, and it looks best when selected in the right shade of green grass. Brown and green together are a great combination because this is what we see in nature, especially in the trees.

Think of a pattern in which wooden furniture is present. The kitchen is a part of the house where you can effectively use wood for style and function at the same time. Here you need to properly use wood for cabinets in various shades of natural brown, and you can combine them with green accents in the little things. Green shades can be in the dishes, wallpaper, rugs and curtains. There are houses where green was appropriately used for cabinets. Think about the color scheme in advance before you decide on something.

Add some summer to the interior

Brown cabinets

From shades of rattan to darker shades of oak and walnut - there are multi-colored options for furniture in brown, which you can easily integrate into the scheme. As for the green color, the simplest idea is to use it for walls. When designing walls, you can stick to muted shades of green, which are not as dark as olive, but also not as light as grass. Other colors you can use are white and a little yellow.

Dinner Zone

Green and brown together make the perfect blend for the dinner table, provided there is room for a zone. Again, brown elements come in furniture and flooring, while green is used as cover on the table, window frames, as well as in wallpaper, dishes. As an interesting idea that needs to be added here, plants are included - in pots, vases, pots, or hanging. Plants work great for those canteens where there is a natural source of light.

Small, bright elements make the kitchen fresher.

The best reason to use the summer palette of brown and green is amazing stability when both colors are in equal / balanced amounts and harmoniously complement each other. White, yellow and black can be used proportionally, without diluting the main theme.

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Amazing combination of brown and gray

The combination of two neutrals - brown and gray - in the room is definitely appropriate, moreover, they are also found in nature. Not only can they be the perfect combination - they also work well with many other colors.

Opposites attract

As with any color, shades of brown and gray may vary from colder to warmer, but overall brown is considered warmer and gray is considered colder. And this is one of the reasons why they are so good together. Gray can provide a pleasant visual rest and mark the cold areas of the room with brown furniture, and brown can add warmth to a room that is dominated by gray.

Gray can provide a pleasant stay for the eyes.


When you use mostly brown and gray colors, using different shades of both colors will be interesting. And accentuate this color scheme with a sharp contrast of white in the decoration, walls, walls with an accent (especially with textured bricks), as well as accessories that add freshness.

I especially like wood in warm tones, contrasting with gray walls and white trim. This scheme works great when you want to give a new look to the kitchen with brown cabinets.

And since brown and gray are neutral, they make the perfect backdrop to showcase your current favorite accent colors.

Stylish option for a small room

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Brick wall

Untreated brick walls define one of the latest trends in modern kitchens. Interior brick surfaces are beautiful and original architectural features that bring vintage style to traditional and modern homes. The authentic brick surface gives a rustic feeling to the living space, creates a cozy atmosphere and emphasizes simple interior design. Открытые кирпичи универсальны, подходят для многих кухонных стилей и выглядят фантастически в небольших помещениях и просторных интерьерах.

These are beautiful, durable and almost maintenance-free architectural features that blend well with all traditional and modern materials. Small blocks of bricks create beautiful patterns and add warmth to modern kitchens. There is something in the untreated brick wall that attracts the eye.

Untreated brick walls vary in color, texture and pattern, creating an industrial charm or country-style atmosphere.. Although brown brick looks amazing in itself, it can also be painted partially or completely with paint - gray, white, black or other colors. Any brick design in the kitchen will be unusual.

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It is also quite appropriate to use wallpaper that imitate brickwork. Consider choosing texture boards with a self-adhesive surface that look realistic.

BoardCombine a brick accent wall with all cream, gray, chestnut colors that go well with a unique brick texture and pattern to create unique spaces.

Brick walls look great in classic kitchens. Such a wall adds expressiveness to the interior design, harmoniously combining a modern approach. Artificially aged brick walls — natural or imitated with photo wallpapers — add a grooved texture that is always appropriate.

This wall adds expressiveness to the design.

Brick wall design

There are several beautiful ways to use an internal brick wall that complements the overall look of the kitchen or dining room. If your kitchen has only one open brick wall, it will be an accent wall.. By adding kitchen cabinets to it, you can turn it into focus.

By placing a storage cabinet on a brick wall or by adding open shelves to an open brick, you can improve your kitchen design with beautiful plates, bowls and cans that create a homely atmosphere. Design with rustic decorations looks especially warm, attractive and friendly.

With raw bricks in the kitchen, all colors work well, which emphasize the authentic, unusual and stylish look of unpainted blocks. Coloring the interior brick wall in a coordinating color is also appropriate.

Brick wall in combination with a cream shade

Kitchen in modern style with brick

A brick wall is an architectural feature that can enrich and decorate modern kitchens, mixing unique textures, patterns and colors with the existing kitchen decor and color scheme. Internal brick walls add warmth and old-fashioned charm to modern kitchens. Open bricks create a unique, relaxing and sophisticated interior design.

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What combination with brown for the kitchen to choose?

In interior design, brown is completely neutral, which can “drown out” other colors. Although at the same time it can be used almost everywhere, because wooden furniture is usually brown.Neutral brown shades can make the room more spacious, and darker brown shades provide a feeling of safety and comfort. Since this is a more neutral color, plus it is also warm and very versatile, it provides a range of options for color schemes.

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Dark chocolate goes well with a red copper hue. This is the case when the hot red dilutes the dull brown, making the interior interesting and extraordinary.

In combination with red

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Blue paired with chocolate, rich chestnut shades play on contrasts and create a relaxing, enveloping feeling. This is a delicate and peaceful duet..

Delicate and peaceful duet

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For a luxurious look, enrich brown with gold, adding it to accents, light fixtures, kitchen utensils and appliances. The boldness of gold is softened by earthy hues and makes the interior soft and cozy.

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This is another organic addition to earthy, both colors complement each other, making the interior fashionable and vibrant.